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    Celebration with poor and needy

    A number of occasions always occur in life which may be in form of festivals like Diwali, Holi and our personal occasions like our birthdays or anniversaries. We have money so we do parties and enjoy it.
    But when little children's who are begging us we start scolding them. Have you ever thought about poor and needy? They are also humans and want to have celebrations. A few days ago, I found a story on Instagram which I found interesting so I switched over to its youtube link. I watched a Sikh couple on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary instead of doing parties they distribute gifts to poor children's. I can see that how happy those children's were and I also felt happy. In my opinion, we should always celebrate our happiness with others. A helping person is always blessed by God. So what you guys think.
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    A very nice thread. It is really good to see the needy people and help them. We perform many functions and invite our relatives and friends. We make a lot of expenditure on serving food to them and gifts for the guests we came to attend the function. But we never think of doing something to the poor. It will be a good gesture to give food and gifts to the people who really wanted them.
    From the last three years, I started a practice of donating food to ten beggars on my birthday. We generally don't celebrate with a big party and all that. I wear new clothes and my wife make a special dish. But we will get 10 packets of food from the hotel and donate it to the people who are waiting near the temple for food.
    It will be good to donate the needy always.

    always confident

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    Yes sir, I also had decided that when I will start earning I will donate money for good purposes to help the needy ones.

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    That's right, a great thought Darneet. We should be helpful to such children as we can. We should always help those who are in need if it is possible for us.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Partying is not a sin. In my opinion, occasional partying is good but as you said if we celebrate our important occasions with the most needy people or children by providing what they need is really appreciable. But I believe providing education and guidance for children is more important than just supplying them with one meal. Persistent efforts are needed in order to provide light for people live in dark.

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    The thought is very nice. Normally, we feel satisfied with sharing some sweets with poor children on the occasions of joy and happiness in our life. I think that this does not satisfy the poor child's need. The happiness is also of some moments. If we think of some thing which will satisfy the need of some poor child and give him happiness for a longer time then this would be of more satisfaction for both . I do not spend money on any sort of functions on the birth days' of my daughters. I estimate the expenditure involved and divide it by the cost of some useful thing for poor girls going to government schools. We distribute those things in them. The examples are compass box, note books, uniforms etc. When my daughters see them using those things, they feel satisfied in real sense.

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    Celebrating an event would be an individual choice, but certainly, we can think of making it more meaningful if we can help a few underprivileged, We need to celebrate events so that we have good memories of a birthday, a wedding anniversary etc. We buy some small useful items to give it to the housekeeping staff at the apartments or donate to the orphanage for one meal that day. It may not be a huge amount but it would be money appropriately used. Although we cannot make a significant change in the lives of the poor, we can at least make a small difference that can be followed by many others which would be a noble gesture.There is an Indian association of foot and mouth artists who don't take money for free but send some cards annually, it supports them and gives us a chance to help someone with making them feel embarrassed.

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