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    Why do we need that special someone?

    We all have an amazing group of friends in our life. Either they are our college friends, school friends or office friends. We enjoy with them, we hang out with them. We share our feelings with them.

    Meantime we come across that special friend who changes our life, whom we call our "special someone". Usually, this person will be of opposite sex and will be closer to us, whom we will call more than a friend.

    I am not talking about having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but someone who you call your "bestie" and who is more than your best friend, whom you can reach for help anytime and ask frankly.

    Ever thought why do we need that someone special in life? Is it because they share our feelings, it is because they do not make us feel alone even if we are at a longer distance?
    Is it because we feel complete with them?
    At the age of teenage, we feel and create such kind of companionship. This could extend to adulthood and marriage also, as per situation demands.

    But we always have a thought that we need that one friend who would be supporting us anytime we need them. Friendships happen and they turn into never-ending relationships. How and why does it matter to be with that special friend of us?
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    Yes out of so many people we move with and consider as friends, some are so special as they connect to our heart and liked at the first instance of our meeting with them. Good friendship is nothing about understanding each one of them very well and knows the next step in tandem. Such is the chemistry of closeness of some to whom we are really do give our life also and thus we cannot forget such persons in our life. Some people are with us for long time in life but we wont connect with them, some meet us suddenly and get going with them for ever. These people always care for us and our commitments. And invariably these special persons become very close to us and there are instances that they purchase same kind of clothes, have same kind eating habits and thus in long run they share everything each other and live happily with continued friendship.
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    It is a special understanding between two persons. The wavelengths of the two persons may match very much. They always feel like being together always. They always share all the information with each other. Sometimes the information we pass on to him may be very confidential also but we may not stop telling that matter to him. It need not be with the other gender people. It may be with the same gender person also. It may be due to the attitude and thinking of the persons may match so perfectly that they will become special to each other. But I never had such a special one in my life. I have best friends. Even after a long time of our separation, we keep contact with some of my friends but I never felt a single friend as very special. Now my best special friend is none other than my wife.
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    Most of the friends we have are acquaintances from school, college and or workplace. Among this group, some impress us with their thought process, mannerisms, behavior and steadfast support that they lend us from time to time. These unique friendships evolve over a period of time and is nurtured by both.

    As we mature into adults, such friendships with people of the opposite sex are often called as 'Platonic friendships', the bond of friendship is devoid of sexual attraction and such people would often be married to or getting married to different partners of their choice but still continue their friendships. Such friends are needed to pour our heart out, the get frank unbiased advise or opinions related to careers and even life partners.

    Sometimes, such platonic friendships are mistaken or the subject of gossip or comments. We need such people to confide to or seek advise or help in matters that we wouldn't be comfortable asking our parents or siblings.

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    It is nice to have a friend called 'special someone'!
    How a friend become 'special someone'?
    Sometimes, a compliment, a small act of caring or a kind word from a friend may turn one's life around. Then he will become special someone. Words have power. Many underestimate this power.
    How people can achieve close and caring relationships? What science says?
    Science says,
    'A thriving person as someone who is happy, pursuing and progressing towards a meaningful life goals. They have purpose and meaning in life, a positive regard for themselves and others, healthy physical and mental health, and deep meaningful human connections.
    Parents, partners, friends and mentors can be that 'special someone'. During the time of adversity that 'special someone' protect the person from debilitating effects of stress and help that person to thrive.

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