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    Why do some people snore while sleeping?

    Some people sleep in a very calm manner, while there are some people who sleep also with a noise. And that noise is very effective that it will not allow the nearest people to sleep.
    Snoring is a habit in some people producing loud sound while breathing during sleeping. In fact, the people who do it, will not even know about it.
    The next day they wake up, the other people will be telling them about this, who were disturbed by the snoring sound.

    Why does this happen? What could be the reason behind it?

    I think it happens with people who are very tired and exhausted due to their work.

    Also, the other reasons could be that they were not able to sleep properly.

    In my home, my father and brother both have a habit of snoring, that too very loudly. This sometimes questions my mind, why do they produce a snoring sound so loudly? What do you think could be the reasons behind this habit? Is it genetic?
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    Now I found a scientific reason behind this, Thanks to Google: Snoring happens when you can't move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, which produces the familiar snoring sound. People who snore often have too much throat and nasal tissue or "floppy" tissue that is more prone to vibrate.
    But now the question is, why everyone does not snore?

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    Keeping aside the scientific reason as mentioned for the snoring, it is the obese situation of a person and having taken lots of food before sleep are also the reasons for the snoring. But the highlight of the thing is that the person who snores does not hear the same and those who are sleeping in that place are tremendously disturbed and they want to shift to other places. And it is very irritating during train journeys when the snoring sound is more than the track sound on running train and those who snores are always lazy and wake up late. And if you ask them why they are snoring they wont admit.
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    A person snores when he/she can't move air freely through the nose and throat during sleep. This cause vibration of surrounding tissues. And this vibration causes emission of sound from the nose.
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    My childhood friend stays with me whenever we meet. And I will never sleep in the same room with him. He snores so loud that sometimes I feel like a chopper is going over my head. Though it sounds funny now, it is very disturbing at nights. As you already Googled the reason, you know very well the reason behind snoring. Although the main reason is the obstruction to air passage, there are other reasons such as sinusitis, alcoholism, over weight and human anatomy (the way they are built).

    Anti-snoring appliances and changinf sleeping posture can minimize this condition. Clearing the nasal passages will also help in reducing snoring.

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    obesity is also one of the reasons for snoring. The main reason for snoring is an obstruction in the channel of air passage through the nose. So people try to have air from the mouth and they keep the mouth open.Another reason is sinusitis. For such people snoring will increase if they have a cold and cough. The main reason blockage of the air passage. The snoring will come down if the person sleeps inclined in such a way that slop of the body increases from legs to head. This is different from having a pillow under his head. The cots that are used in the hospitals where the slop of the body can be adjusted as required by moving up the head side portion of the cot. These days some chairs are coming which are very good to sleep in an inclined position. I think by sleeping in those chairs one may get his snoring reduced. Some people say there is a home medicine which will make this snoring to come down. The snoring may increase as the age increase, I think.
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    Except the person snoring, everyone else is disturbed by the snoring. I think people get used to it over a period of time. As you and the other members have listed the causes, it is important to know a little about the medical issues.

    We laugh and make fun of people who snore, some of them may need medical help. Snoring is often a sign of 'Sleep Aponea' common in obese people, people with short necks. Like how the floppy tissues vibrate to make sounds, the same tissues can cause blockage of the air passage. You might have seen obese people who snore and sleep without their knowledge while they are sitting on the sofa or a chair.

    It is wiser to seek professional help to have a basic assessment, there are many simple devices that can be applied on the nose or a breathing mask fitted to the face that is connected to a machine after seeking formal advise.

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