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    Why do small children cry while going to school? Are they forced to go to school?

    If you stand in front of any Kindergarten school you will invariably find the parents literally lifting their children on their shoulder, convincing them to attend the school. They try to pacify them with chocolates and toys so that they won't cry before entering the school premises. But the child wont budge and want to return with the parents as soon as he or she see the school. Do they get frightened of the strict behavior of the teacher? Or maybe the friends are not understanding or cooperating with the child or any language problem. Just imagine and append your response here.
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    For children of 3 years or 3.5 years of age, it is like snatching away their freedom if they were asked to go to school. They are free in the house playing with the members in the house and neighbours children of similar age. There is no one to ask them to sit and do some activity. There are no restrictions in their world so far for them. But they have to behave differently in the school and the place is completely a new place to them. Hence they feel like not going to school. So to avoid going to school they will try to weep and some now avoid going there. From this age onwards their problems will start increasing and there is no way out for them. But personally I feel sending a kid of 3 or 3.5 years of age to school is very early and in earlier days, schooling was starting from age 5 years only. However, the conditions are different and all the parents are trying to send their wards as early as possible to school.
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    Normally we ourselves,elders, have some second thought when we start to office on Monday or after vacation or taken leave. The children who stayed in the house with parents and relatives really hesitate or afraid to move to schools but once they find taste of the school atmosphere, friends etc., they automatically move. My brother's daughter who do not adamant to go to school normally make problem if she find I am on leave .

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    A child grows with the love, warmth and attention of everyone at home. Once the regular members are not there the child feels the difference and immediately is frightened on the near surroundings. This is commonly seen when toddlers are left home by parents and grandparents for their other duties.

    Initially, the child will try to understand the new surroundings, but once it known the school routine, the place of school, it immediately realizes that it would be separated from mother and rest of family for sometime. Hence the desperate cries and clinging tightly before they can be dropped at school.

    It is hard for the parents to leave such crying frightened children but that's they way they learn to handle separation as they start growing. Schools have a settling in period wherein the little ones are left for a short period with the mother or father being slowly weaned off for longer periods. This is handled better when compared to a child that is put into kinder garden suddenly for the full session.

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    Children are attached to their parents, especially to their mother. Their world is generally limited to that small world. Their movements are within their house only. Hence they van accept a change only slowly. They cry because that is the only method they know for protesting.
    If the children are from a joint family children will easily adjust to a different atmosphere. Also if the child has a brother or sister there will be difference in child' s behaviour at school. The present nuclear set up is behind this attitude of the children. They are grown as autocrats in their home. Father and mother always adjust for the child and provide everything demanded. All these cause the child to keep away from others.


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    It is common to see young children bawling their lungs out when being put into the school van or handed over to the ayah, at the school gate. A young child is used to a certain environment, in which he is secure. That is his whole world, his comfort zone. It has his mother and his favourite toys and his bed. When a child is suddenly moved from that secure environment and put into a new one, with strange faces all around him, he is bound to feel uneasy. The child has fears, which he cannot express - fear of separation (separation anxiety), fear of being in a strange place, fear of being with strangers.

    Another reason for children crying is that in a classroom they cease to be the centre of attraction. In a class of 20, 30, 40 young kids, a child has to vie for the teacher's attention. It brings in a lot of insecurities and a child has no other way than to cry, to express his discomfort at the situation.

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    They are missing maturity & having said that they are faced by the unknown faces which for them is quite odd. You can see that this won't continue for long as they become familiar with them & instead crying they intend to play with them.

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    Getting familiar with teachers take some time. It is difficult for the children to adjust to the school environment very soon. Although Pre-Primary schools run on the basis of providing freedom to students. The teachers of these schools have played the roles of mother, nurse and friends of the children. In Nursery Teachers Training, it is taught that they have to create interest among children by singing, dancing and playing with them. They dance, they tell stories and do what the child wants. The teachers have to sit on the carpet. Each student sits equidistant to the child. The children feel happy in the school.The school environment helps in their adjustment.
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