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    Several members are hiding behind the curtain.

    If we look at the personal profile of members we can see that only a very few have posted their photos. Why it is so ? They are not interested in publicising themselves. Or is there any other real reason behind it ? I feel it will be nice that everybody follow the same procedures.
    Also I notice many have not given their biodata too. At least a minimum details will be useful so that others will get an idea about the participants. Of course, this is my personal views only. Hope everybody will take it in that sense.
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    I think this is a personal choice of individuals. Some Members may not want to divulge personal details due to various reasons. Let us respect their decision.
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    Keeping personal details such as the profile pic or a biodata is purely a personal choice. One should not expect everyone to follow the same protocol. Be it a genuine reason or something other, the user has refrained to reveal those and we should respect that. It is not that they are hiding anything, it is their choice and we have no right to expect from them to reveal it.
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    In my view, an interactive site like this has little meaning in terms of pictures and data entered. Images and information uploaded need not reflect the truth and may be far from reality. What is displayed is based on the integrity of the person. Some would not like their personal information to be seen in social sites. If, interactive sites encourage socializing and developing friendships, then I feel it should be mandatory and subject to verification to prevent misuse and ill-repute to the site itself.

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    This is the choice of the individual member. Some may not be interested in mentioning all the details about them and some may not be uploading their photos also for their own reasons. It will be purely their personal opinion and choice. It may not be hiding but it may be their choice.
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    When there is a space provided for uploading the personal photo of the member, then it must be adhered too and like wise all the fields has to be filled as sought by the site for the best interest of all.
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    I would like to say this way - either they are most beautiful/handsome person that they think that their photo can be misused or they are ugly and do not have the heart to show their face. However, it is individual choice whether they want to be seen or not. But again, nowadays nothing can be hide if you are in anywhere in internet.

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    In a virtual site, it is not mandatory to upload our image. Many may not have a photo-face, and might be hesitant to show it in a virtual site. I remember a member who criticized a member's photograph. Hence I strongly feel that embers need not upload their photo.
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    No life without Sun

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    I do feel that having professional approach here would help in healthy discussions rather than keep looking in the personal lives of others.

    But I do agree that as per rule the minimum details needs to be updated in the forum & the same needs to get revised as time passes but must not be forced for putting anything that a person object to. One more thing is that even whatever information given in profile but might not be verified. Pl. correct me if I am wrong.

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    I fully agree with the responses posted above. It is hundred percent a member's choice. But my doubt was when a new member register he/ she is supposed to fill up the admission form. There the site asks for filling all these details. Being a Statistician I felt that all are to fill up all the columns in a form (questionnaire). Hence I did accordingly. When I found that most of the members have not done so, I raised the doubt.

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    I think it is not mandatory to fill up all the details indicated on the registration form. But I find it most amusing when some people do not even indicate their real names. I feel it is perfectly alright not to indicate all details, but to register under peculiar names is really awkward.
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