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    Babies look cuter when they are sleeping.

    No doubt babies are always adorable and cute. They look cute and melt our hearts whenever they smile. No matter how bad our day was, when we look at a baby smiling, we forget all our worries. They are adorable in their own way while being mischievous, being naughty. But I have observed that babies look cuter when they are sleeping. Kids are always innocent but their innocence is seen even more while they are fast asleep.
    Do you also feel the same as I do?
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    These days I am spending more time before and after office hours with my granddaughter. She is 4 months age now. I am spending the time very happy with her. The whole atmosphere in the house is changed. She laughs, she cries she go on moving her hands and legs. She stares at you. She tries to concentrate on brighter and thick colours. In all her acts I find her very cute, maybe because she is my granddaughter. But when she is smiling fully opening her mouth I feel she is cuter. Sometimes kids smile while they sleep also. At that moment she looks very much cute. My wife will be taking photographs of her at different times and different poses and some videos also. She will be sharing those with me and while travelling from house to office and office to house my work is to watch those photos and videos. She starts weeping when she is hungry and once she is full again she starts playing. Really the kids are cute and adorable in all their activities.
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    Yes, babies are cute and they impress us when they are sleeping peacefully. I think it is the age of innocence or purity that reflects on their faces. It has a calming effect on everyone who sees the baby. Sometimes grandparent and parents often stand at the edge of the cot or crib and just keeping looking at the sleeping child, even I've done it many times. If you closely observe, even in their sleep, they would make facial expressions like grimacing, suckling or a faint smile. Many elders caution us about not taking pictures of sleeping child as it is considered inauspicious.

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    Yes I fully agree with the author. Babies are most adorable and cute even when they cry and make all kinds of trick acts. I have gone through the process of every minute of the child through my son and daughter. My both the children are very close to me from the child as I would make them to sleep just putting the child across my broad shoulder and thus I feel much elated to make them sleep. And the child gets lots of dreams and they make good expression through smiling while sleep and that moment should not be missed by the mother and father. I have enjoyed a lot with small children.
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    Really. A colleague of mine who is a family friend also, told me one time that seeing her sister's daughter while sleeping was beauty. I then,think what beauty in sleeping but I felt similar beauty when I saw my brother's daughter while she sleep. This realization was after 27 years. When I told her about this she astonished on my remembering.

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    The innocence of a baby is seen when he/she is sleeping. A baby's face has many expressions while sleeping, They look natural and cute. Having a small child in the house changes the atmosphere and is filled with happiness.I too love seeing tiny children sleep, they are in their own world, carefree and without worries.

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    Two things can never be denied. 1. Babies are always cute
    2. Sleeping people mostly look cute.

    There are a thousand legends on why babies look cute and should never be disturbed by sleeping.
    The scientific reason would be that babies need a lot of sleep to grow taller. And also the metabolism in babies is very high. So they quickly dissipate all energy and sleep away.
    So the tired little babies look absolutely cute.

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