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    People deprived of humanity these days

    Yesterday I came across very a flustered situation. I never thought that people are so inhumane and harsh.

    I drink lemon tea every day, while I go back to home from my hospital. There is a tea (chai wala) shop on the way and I am a regular customer of that tea stall. Yesterday, as I was sipping my lemon tea, the lady who cleans the area, sweeps, washes the glasses and other stuff was limping. I asked what happened, then she showed her leg and there was a deep cut by a piece of glass. Some irresponsible person drank tea and left the glass on the ground and she stepped on it without noticing. The glass broke and made a deep cut.

    I was not angered by the person who left the glass on the floor, but I was very upset with the landowner of that tea shop who came there to collect his daily rent from the tea shop owner. He was saying 'nothing will happen and why will you need medicines for such a small wound'. Sick, isn't it? She was bleeding heavily and the cut was deep. I immediately asked him, will you think the same if that happens to you? No words from him and yet he was defensive of his statement.

    The Hippocratic oath, we take as doctors reminded me to attend to her wound. I did the basic first aid, prescribed medicines and gave her some money so that she can buy those medicines. Other than my oath, I did it out of humanity and am not bragging that as a token or prize. I was so upset that I kept on thinking about the owner's behavior the whole night. Why are people behaving so inhumanely? Can't we help each other? It is us humans who should help each other. In some instances even animals come to help humans but where we are deprived of that nature.
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    Your thread and your opinion and work says that the "humanity" is still available. What you did is your duty but how many of us does that. In this world if we have bad people around, we have good people too. And, because of this balance, the world is working. The day entire humanity will end, the day will be end of this world.

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    This type of incidents is very common in these days. I know people working in industries under casual workers had any injury they will be given first aid and sent home. Afterwards whatever expenditure he incurred will not be paid by the organisation. The organisation will be making a profit and a few thousand is not a problem for them but they never bother about these guys. In addition to that, they don't even pay the salary for his absence because of this injury. Even very rich people also will never bother about their servant-maid if she is having an injury while working in their house.
    You have shown a good gesture and help that lady. She is lucky that you are a regular customer of that shop. It implies that still there are people who have humanity.

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    Glad that you helped the lady in need without her needing to ask you. I wouldn't be surprised if the her employer had asked you to mind your business. Such people exist who have little sympathy or concern for their staff.Many of the poor people doing odd jobs in this unorganized sector often have to suffer in silence. They are given poor wages, little food and made to work for long hours.

    As an employer and as human being he has failed like many others.Often poor people don't have money to go to a doctor or even if they have to go to government hospital they have to take permission from their employers. On a similar note, I've seen sweepers and garbage collecting ladies doing the job with a piece of cloth over their noses and policemen doing their duty inhaling all the toxic smoke, they can be given masks by the employers (some policemen buy it on their own).

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    Glad to note from our author doctor that he has reached to the need of the wounded maid and helped her. Most of the government doctors who get the free samples of medicines can give them to such patients as mentioned by the author, but seldom they do it. Yes humanity is still there in at least 1 out of lakh people and that is why this world is moving and we are surviving. My family physician always give me the free samples he gets and thus my medical expenditures are curtailed. However not all the time we can expect help from the doctor as our disease would be different and he has altogether other medicines as samples.
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    What a beautiful gesture. Wish there were more people like you.

    What a bloody mess there would have been, with her bleeding heavily. What was everyone else doing? Sick indeed. Imagine if you had not stopped by. She would have kept limping around leaving a trail of blood and no one would have bothered.

    Injuries caused by glass need special attention. The wound has to be flushed with saline water to remove the dirt and to ensure that no shards of glass are embedded in the open flesh. Also, one must be careful not to touch blood and other body fluids for one's own safety. I hope you advised a tetanus shot.

    People employed in the unorganised sector have no health insurance or medical facilities where they can get cheap, but good treatment. Most just ignore their illnesses and medical conditions or turn to home remedies or visit quacks. I hope more doctors take their Hippocratic Oath more seriously.

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