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    More planning needed in the use of water

    Water is becoming scarce in several parts of the country. Unless a real planning is done during the coming years, most parts of the country will face its consequences.
    The concept 'virtual water' has generally been accepted by all. Through this it is possible to calculate the requirement of water for the production of every item, either naturally or artificially. The concept that the water on earth is always rejuvenated by rain and snow is also changing. Based on the new concept of 'peak water', water can be considered as naturally regenerated or not; or those possible to be regenerated or not. Based on this water source can be differentiated.
    Global warming, waste generation, wrong-developmental activities and such other things affect the weather conditions. Rainfall quantity go on changing.
    Based on virtual water theory three thousand litre of water is used to produce one Kg of rice. Assuming the price of one litre of water as Rs.20/-, sixty thousand Rupees are needed to produce one Kg of rice ! Production of rice at this cost makes one think of importing the same from other places where water is available in plenty. That is the latest economic theory regarding rice production. This approach naturally will discourage the rice production trend in places where there are water shortage.
    This approach calls for a planning for water usage. Priorities must be fixed regarding the use of water. Presently the priorities are given for drinking, agriculture, industries, and the like. These direct diversion of water must be replaced with stress being given to the protection of the ecosystem such that water is available for all purposes. Several countries are changing into this direction.
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    Yes water is required for domestic, Industrial and agriculture. While domestic requirement is fixed , the Industrial water requirement based on the performance of each Industry. And the agriculture has the great demand for water due to strange behaviour of nature during rainy season. So the government must give stress on rain harvest pits at every Individual home, the Industries must be asked to make their own arrangement to store the water when available daily and for agriculture needs, the lakes and ponds should be cleaned and made deep so that rain water gets accumulated and each lake can cater to the nearest fields. If such kind of planning is there in every government, the people, industry and the farmers need not suffer from want of water. But who is going to advise such adamant state governments which are not concerned about public basic requirements.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Yes. Water planning is very very essential. Otherwise we will run short of water shortly. Availability will become a problem if we don't use water in a more planned way. In our day to day activities we ca't manage any work without water. As explained by author one kg of rice requires Rs.600/- worth water how is it possible to survive? So wasting water under these circumstances is nothing but a crime. So the government should think of means and measures to improve the water reserves . All the people should also think of water harvesting and recycling of water and other measures so that we will not be guilty of denying a natural resouce to our future generations.
    always confident

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    No amount of planning will help unless the people have the mindset to change. We all see the amount of water that is wasted for washing the cars, leaking from water tankers and burst pipes in the streets. Within homes, people open the taps at full speed but forget to close them or reduce the speed or use intermittently. I've come across people who say, it fine to use(water) liberally, we can call the tanker supply to top up if needed.

    If one were to realize the value of something, it is possible only when we don't have it. I think, there should be changes made at many fronts including, turning of taps for 1-2 days a week. I grew up in a place where water would come only on alternate days, most often at night times. We had learned how to use less because, if the stored water is over, we had to get it from the bore well pump.

    We need concrete measures to be started from each users at home to each user in commercial industries and agricultural sectors.

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