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    We are buying data pack every month like we buy food items for home

    The internet has become so important in our daily life that it has been forced to include it in our monthly budget.

    Every other service provider is going wild to provide you attracting internet data pack for your mobile or wi-fi broadband. How you tackle this. Do you have your fixed amount for your internet pack or do you change it according the offer they provide.

    I use post paid service so I get option and according to offer I buy the internet data. How about you?
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    Just today I changed my monthly postpaid plan to a new postpain plan were the offers are good. Previously I used the same plan for more than 4 months and the bill would be a little on the higher end. Today I received an SMS about a new postpaid plan with great benefits and monthly internet and chance just switched to it. As you said, internet has become a basic need and based on the offers provided we keep switiching for the one that benefits us.

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    The internet data pack is also similar to the mobile data plans, everyone is competing to get the best of the customer base and hence are offering many attractive plans.
    We stick to the basic option plan for our family, some months when the speed comes down a few days close to the renewal date, we will be offered to change to a better plan. We have done this once in the recent past but we are back to the basic plan because, too much just makes us sit in front of gadgets for a long time. Moreover we get movies from friends via shareit.

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    i have internet broad band in my house provided by ACT . I have been using this since 4 years. A half yearly unlimited for 6000/- + tax. The service is good in Hyderabad. So we are able to use that without any problem. i have a personal mobile with Air tel sim and an official mobile with Idea sim. Both of them are 4G and I get free data as per the plan. Both are post paid. In the office I have ACT broad band. So I use more time brad brand only. Only during travelling I use data card.
    I will pay thie amount to ACT in January and July every year. So once I pay in that months I need not think of paying for next six months.
    These days 99% of the urban population will have data pack and even in villages also many are having data these days.

    always confident

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    I fully agree with the title statement. Actually we tend to be more regular than we would be in the case of provisions items purchase. Dat has become an essential item of everyday use. It is probabaly one or only thing whose price has come drastically down.
    That is what prompted Lalu Prasad Yadav to comment 'Data is much cheaper than Atta". No one gets any offer on Atta, but there are umpteen offers for data.

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    I am presently holding the Jio phone of Reliance and glad that with just 49 rupees every 28 days, I am able to get data, free unlimited talk time and 50 sms also included as gesture from the company. I seldom use the data pack on the phone as I am habituated to using internet only through the desk top at my home. And there the wire internet connection is for 400 per month and all the members of the house would use the wifi with their wish and will. But I do spend more on data packs of my wife, son and daughter as they are using the same on the run and for them it is must too. Yes for every one data has become the part and parcel of our monthly item and it has to be given provision even by curtailing expenses of other items. I appreciate Venkiteshwaran sir for quoting Lalu that data is cheaper than atta.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very interesting thread bringing out our addictions with online activities.

    In todays world we are less social in the real world but more avtive in the online digital place. This switchover was a gradual process in the past and many of us do not know that we all are transformed into robotic humans passing most of our time in the virtual world.

    This has created a necessity of buying a data pack every month as we are buying the other necessities for our household.

    Will it make the humans more like a machine only reacting with internet and online engagements or we will divert our life from it to the nature around us. Though time will only answer this query but these apprehensions are already starting to pour in.

    Knowledge is power.

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