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    Do you think we were better without a mobile phone

    Just imagine some years back when one need to meet someone. We had a fixed time, a fixed place to meet. Now, we do not need it, we can easily trace the person no matter wherever they are through mobile phone.

    Before, we used to sit with our entire family even when we do not have other choice, we listen or talk to them. Now, even when we are physically with them, but our mind is in mobile phones.

    Earlier, we had the habit of writing letter to friends and family where we try to bring out our emotions and feelings in words. Now we have different apps or sms to send not bothering if the opposite person is getting your positive expression.

    Before, when we friends use to meet, we talk so much and now one need to say - Oi keep the phone at pocket now at least. Because even if we are with friends, our mind keep going on mobile.

    So, what do you say about this matter?
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    Of course, we were better without a mobile phone. I remember, every evening after school I would go out and play with friends. But now I see that kids first touch mobile phone as soon as they return from school. We used to sit out and have a long chats at evening. We had a family time. During dinner, we would sit across a dinner table and share all that happened that day. But now, even at dinner table one or the other person will be on phone. Even if a person is not chatting with someone over the phone, he will be busy playing some game on the phone. No doubt lives without mobile phones were much better.

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    Sometime I feel that we were much better without mobile phones. At least unknown callers would not call us to sell products. The boss in office would not track us everywhere! However, sometime I feel it is a boon from safety and security point of view, if properly used. We can inform our family when we get stuck at odd hours.
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    I would say our lives are better with a mobile phone but it can be even better without misuse or overuse.

    Mobile phone is an useful gadget for us, it depends on how we use it or misuse it. The basic mandatory needs of keeping in touch, contacting authorities in an emergency, tracking our family members when they travel alone all make it worthwhile having a mobile phone.

    The other part is the use of the mobile phone for social media, playing games and viewing movies/videos. Here we need to have the maturity to set limitations based on our time availability. When we take screen time in a day, we should include moblie phones too.

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    The mobile phones are useful in some aspects. But too much usage is creating a problem. When we are seriously working on a task the phone will give a sound and without seeing who it us we will respond and the will be a useless promotional call. So we are not able to concentrate on the work we are doing and our efficiency will come down. That is why I tell my people to switch of their cell pones when they come for a meeting. Another disturbance is many messages. every moment something or other will be coming. This is a big disturbance. A cell phone as a phone for information and communication is a very good development. We can easily contact anybody we want wherever they are. We can do the work immediately and in case of any emergency we can contact anyone we want. But the smart phones are really taking our time a lot. So I feel we may be better without a cell phone.
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    Of course, the period without mobile was somewhat pleasant. When we possess mobile our total freeness got evaporated. When the landline was there we have been contacted by people only in certain hours but now there is no time for getting disturbed. We have to attend calls even before reaching office.

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    Definitely life has changed with the entry of mobile phones. In fact mobiles are the need of the time. Our lives have become so busy and it is difficult to meet friends and relatives, at least we can be in touch with our near and dear ones.
    Another important advantage is that the whereabouts and well being of family members are updated.
    Mobile phones with lot of features and apps have also made life easy and comfort able. With the touch of a button one can reach the whole world, which was not possible before the moblie phone came into being.
    The only thing better earlier was that there was no disturbance in life at odd hours ,today anyone feels free to call at anytime.

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    I consider mobile phone is very useful. I am enjoying its usefulness. I am using mobile phone since the days when the incoming calls charges became very low from the like of nine rupees per call etc. It was because, I found mobile phone very useful to be in connect with our people.
    In fact I possessed a mobile phone even before I possessed a desktop computer. At that time, my mobile service provider had given email facility from mobile. My own email ID was my mobile number @(mobileprovider).com. That helped me in my career situations also.

    Even now I use my mobile for the main basic uses like voice call, sms, whatsapp. Very rarely do I browse internet in my mobile. For email and online transaction, I use my desktop computer only)

    I am of the opinion that we are much better with mobile-phone provided we use it properly and not misuse, abuse or get addicted to it.

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    Yes I too feel that we were better, tension free, having nice sleep and leading good life without mobile phones. Now a days we have to keep the mobiles beside us even at the bed to expect urgent calls or messages. And on over using of social media, there is no time bar for the opposite users, as they would be sharing and sending messages when they are on run or travelling. Normally those who are travelling long distance do have free wifi and data pack. So to kill the time they keep on sending messages on whats app but fail to understand that it is the sleeping time for us and we are very much disturbed. That makes us to switch off the mobile for while. But again when it is switched on the swarm of messages do pour in as if we were parched for that. I really hate too much indulgence on mobile. It is a communication gadget and not the time pass instrument. I use the mobile sparingly and not always.
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    Being a home maker, out of country, away from my family and friends, I feel mobile with net pack is more important to me. So, I can't completely agree with the author. Whenever there is an advancement in technology, there is always a debate of it's advantage and disadvantage. The same way, we had come across for Television. I remember the days, when my mom fix time to watch TV. There were rules like what to watch, when to watch. I should turn on the lights, when I watch TV in order to avoid the bright light from TV. As days pass by, both forgot those rules and we got used to TV. No more debates on it. Still the advantages and disadvantages of TV remain the same.

    There were times, people telling, TVs stopped us meal time chat with family. Same way, we talk about mobile phones. So, I understand, it is about people's preference not about the technology. When we are away from home, mobile phone helps us to stay connected family and friends. Whatsapp these days, helps us to stay connected with our old friends too, irrespective of geographical and time zone constraints.

    People say, talking directly would bring back peace in relationship. But many times, it heat up the argument. But a caring message or a simple hi breaks down the ego and helps to catch up in relationships again. There were times, when ladies at home, stay awake to open door for the men went out. Now, with cell phone, they get to know the time of reach with a call and carrying over with their schedule.

    I feel, our life is much better with mobile phones now.
    As, every coin has two sides, every technology has their limitation too. But, they comes to market to benefit the user, it is upto the user to make advantage from a technology, without getting addicted to it.

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