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    Why our PM Mr. Modi dwell on the past mostly to attack opoosition parties?

    Our PM Mr. Modi in most of his election speeches attack the Congress on the past pre-independent events which were not in control of present day Congress leaders or people. The situations and conditions which these things they occurred no one can change now. The past is not in our hand but the present only is in our hands. He blame Nehru, Gandhi or some other Independent warriors are the reason for the present situation. If Sardar Patel was the 1st PM of the country India may not be like this is his view. He gave the same political speech in Parliament also in response to the thanks giving speech to the President. In the present context he attacked Congress for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh State in the last term of Congress rule without any proper direction. But in this bifurcation BJP played a major role in the division of the State and his party promised Special Status to A.P. on the floor of the Parliament. If BJP has not supported there is no way Congress has bifurcated combined A.P. State. The same party and their members forget everything what they promised and use that point conveniently to attack opposition. The live example of how A.P. people got deceit-ed is there and what is the honesty in blaming about Independent warriors like Gandhi or Nehru? The same blame game will be used by every political party for their convenience without any honesty in their actions.
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    The speech of the PM in the parliament was against the decorum of his constitutional post. He forgot that he was in the Parliament and he was supposed to give a thanks speech on the President's address to the Parliament. He has a habit of targeting Nehru and Gandhi for whatever. This might be because of his RSS background. He gave a speech of hour without mentioning a single issue raised by the President. This was like a election speech. He forgets that he is in power and undo whatever was done by Nehru. His party is in an unholy alliance with a party which was called terrorist by him during his election campaign in J&K. The J&K government has declared amnesty to stone pelters. The Pakistani agression has increased on the LOC and hundreds of soldiers killed. What is he doing?

    The BJP was with congress when the decision of division of Andhra Pradesh was declared. The BJP tried to get advantage of the situation by promising a special status to A.P. and made an alliance with TDP. The PM blames Congress for everything and thinks that he will not be questioned for the tall promises he made during 2014 general elections. Normally, he remains absent from the Parliament but, this time he came to give an election speech.

    The behaviour of Congress MPs was also disgraceful and against the democratic norms of the Parliament. The people of the country are watching both. People will decide the course of the next general election.

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    Nothing wrong in PM speech in Parliament while giving vote of thanks to President address. Parliament is the best forum to say his mind and heart. Opposition parties especially the Congress has been going out of bound to criticise our PM even taking on him personally on personal issues and that irked the Prime Minister. He was looking for the opportunity to use the National forum and thus found Parliament is the best place to air his ire. And one must appreciate the chronology of the events he was mentioning during the misrule of Congress. Now people would forget about the whole scams committed during UPA regime. The PM stated some new scams to which the Congress leaders who were hooting all along the speech were dump struck. Such is the power of our PM in sidelining the Congress and washing its dirty linen in public.
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    The Prime Minister, during his speeches in the Lok Sabha and in the Rajya Sabha, took on all opposition parties single-handedly. When the Congressmen say that the Congress and a particular family have brought democracy in the country, it is necessary to tell them that the concept of democracy existed in India even during the time of Buddha. When the opposition accuses the present Government of non-performing assets, it is necessary to give the correct picture. The Prime Minister did talk about Kalburgi-Bidar railway line, Ujjwala Yojna, building toilets and various other schemes of the present Government. But who cares to listen to the speech of the PM carefully?

    The pathological hate-mongers always try to criticize the Prime Minister. They don't bother whatever he says, they don't bother whatever he does. The criticism is only for the sake of criticism. The disruption, derision is only to disrupt the functioning of the Prime Minister. The people are not ignoring these. They have also watched the speech of the Prime Minister live.

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    The Parliament session was to debate on the motion of thanks to the President's address. The Prime Minister took this opportunity not to debate on President's address but to attack the opposition party. It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister chose otherwise as he has nothing concrete to talk about the achievements of the Government. He was talking about the hypothetical situations clearly indicates his hollowness. As is usual he tries to blame the persons who are no more to cover his total failure. The bifurcation issue which he raked up indicates his party's double standard on this issue. They do not do what they can now but go on blaming the past. This is the hallmark of the present Government. The Rafael Jet is another example of the misdeed of this Government. The Defense Minister said in November last year that the details of the deal will be made known. Now they are trying to hide behind the secrecy clause. The secrecy can be about the technical details and custom modifications of the weaponry but not about the cost to the Exchequer for the purchase. The deal was personally finalized by the Prime Minister. According to the news reports, the UPA Government finalized cost at Rs 526.1 crores. Now the present cost is Rs 1570.8 crores. The Government has the responsibility to explain the steep difference and clear the doubts once for all. No mention of it in the Prime Minister one hour 40 minutes speech. The Prime Minister rarely comes to the Parliament which he termed as the Temple of Democracy. On the very few occasions he is present, he never touches the important issues. It is better for the Prime Minister not to dwell on the dead leaders and past events which cannot be changed. Better he concentrates on the business at hand. He cannot live off criticising the Congress party forever without doing work on the present problems.
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    Looks like he yet to come out from 2014 election campaign and he may forget that he is PM of India for the past 4 years and currently he is standing in Parliament. He asked Indians give me 5 years and I will change everything. India gave single majority to BJP but god only knows what change had happened in the past 4 years. Next election is nearing and he started to sing the same song. BJP's flip flop on their stand on Aadhar, GST, IncomeTax exemption, FDI, etc etc clearly shows that they will talk anything without any long term / practical view. If someone oppose BJP's stand then they will be targeted as anti-Indian. If BJP and it supporters are that much confident on their progress means they should come out what promises they made in 2014 and what achieved in 2018. I am sure no one will do it and talk talk talk only.

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    The speech given by PM is more dwelling on the past. The opposition party may always say that they have done better than the governemnt in power now. But the ruling party has to show what they have done differently from the earlier ruling party. I accept that the Congress party bifurcated the state without any consideration for AP. But BJP was also a part of that misdeed and the PM also said that in his speech. But to correct the mistake the present Vice President, the then MP tried his best to get special status assurance from the then PM. Later on in the election meetings the present PM also promised special status to the state. Afterwards, they said that there are some technical problems to give that and promised a special package. The CM of AP with a lot of patience and faith accepted even though he was facing a lot of protest from the opposition party. The leaders of Congress from the state rehabilitated to BJP and they may be giving wrong reports to the PM. So he completely ignored the AP. The AP people are no fools as said by Jayadev Galla in the Lok Sabha. They will teach a lesson to the people who are deceiving the state many times. I expected PM to say at least something about what they are going to do for AP. But he didn't do it. if Venkiah was in the cabinet today definitely he might have fought with the PM and he might have got something for the state. Unfortunately, he was made Vice President.
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    1. Today morning I listened to the complete speech of the Prime Minister. His entire speech was on different Government schemes. The previous Government's role and the Congress role came only contextually.

    2. If we say that the Prime Minister's budget speech was an election speech and against the decorum of the Parliament, then we must have to admit that the reaction of the opposition bench led by Congress clearly made us understand the meaning of maintaining the decorum of the Houses.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Again one sided "dogma" views! If any one say that so and so political party is having perfect discipline and another do not have, is something which is not digestible. For me all political parties are one a kind. Politics is all about "situations" and "time". This is not something that first time happening. Every other party abuse and blame others. Yesterday was the time of Congress but today BJP is having their time. Tomorrow some other party might be having their time to play the blame game. If BJP blame Nehru and Gandhi for each and everything, Congress to blame to RSS and Hindutva for each and everything. Both parties are in the same boat but we only could not find the differences.

    I can understand the pain of congress supporter and their helplessness not able to do anything but blame the government. To support their view, I have only thing to say that soon they will have their time to change the Government by using their votes. Till then bear with the current government, after all they have come with majority and put congress a side like a regional party, who don't even have the enough MP to call themselves strong opposition.

    Another problem is, either we have no knowledge of history or just trying to avoid it. I am not going by what PM said about Sardar Patel the first home minister of India but indeed it would have been different India has he become the first PM of India. The Hyderabad and Gujart Kachh region which we are seeing in India now, it is only and only because of Sardar Patel, else both region would have been separated from India just after the independence. Blindly following anyone will not going to anything unless we go back and look inside the history.

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    I agree with the comments of Jeet Singh. In our country, this is the practice to blame the ruling party for some reason or other. But my only worry is about AP which is getting a step-motherly treatment by the centre.
    It is true that if Sardar Patel had become the first PM of the country we might have been in a different India. No second thought about that. Blindly following a person is always not a good practice and we should see the issue rather than the person.

    always confident

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    I want to share one information published by NDTV about the Prime Minister's speech in the Parliament. The Prime Minister during his long speech blamed the UPA Government saying that " UPA government was 100% responsible for the Non Performing Assets mess. They declared that NPA is 36% instead of 82% in 2014. Total NPA stood at 52 lakh crore in March 2014. Not even a single loan under us has turned into NPA. The increase is because of the interest on their sin of 52 lakh crore." It was tweeted by the BJP twitter handler. When Mr. Sreenivasan Jain, the reporter from NDTV, checked the facts and tweeted facts, the BJP twitter handler deleted the tweet.
    The fact is that the 52 lakh crore was the total advances by the public sector banks as per the RBI data. It was not NPAs. As per data released by the Reserve Bank of India, gross NPA as a percentage of total amount of loans stood at 3.8% in 2013-14, not 82% as claimed by the Prime Minister. The gross NPA nearly doubled to 7.5% in 2015-16. This is how the opposition party is attacked with false figures. I leave it to the judgment of the members to come to their own conclusion. There may be mistakes by the previous Government but how far it is justified by attacking them with false data? Why give falsified data on the social media and then delete it when confronted with facts?

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    There were many references to the events that happened in the past, in such speeches, we shouldn't be surprised because any political party will use the stage to bring up the shortcomings of the other parties. What the PM has mentioned would easily be the same if there was any other leader from another political party.

    Recounting history is part of any political speech with references to self-achievement and wrongdoings of the opponents, the PM combined this in a manner and tone that sounded more like the offence is the best form of defence. I'm not sure of the validity of the NPA data but today also I read a fraud reported by Punjab National Bank to the tune of Rs,11,334 crores, such events cannot happen without the backing of politicians in power, let's wait and see whether this also is part of the UPA or the BJP being involved finally.

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    This is a political speech given by our Prime Minister to show that earlier party in this country was useless.

    In fact earlier party has also done many things but because of rampant corruption in the country the good deeds done were shadowed.

    Now BJP has been containing the corruption through online facilities and private participation in service sector and to some extent has been successful on this account.

    Now opposition is not able to counter these achievements and worried for the forthcoming elections.

    BJP is also equally worried and wants to show what it has done so far in a greater proportion. Prime Minister's aggressive speech is the part of the strategy to claim and gain the public support.

    In politics, the first thing is you have to win in the election.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All the political parties try to score over the other parties by recounting past misdeeds of the other parties. While doing so one should be true to the facts. The NPA data was as per the Reserve Bank of India. How can advances be mistaken for NPA?
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