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    The hysteric laughter stopped abruptly

    It was Rajya Sabha. Today the opposition took a different strategy. Unlike the constant sloganeering during the speech of PM in Lok Sabha, in the Rajya Sabha, the opposition MPs had been continuously laughing during the speech of the PM. However, amidst the combined sound of laughter, the hysteric laughter irked the Vice-President of the country and the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He advised the MP to visit a doctor.

    However, the Prime Minister named and shamed the lady MP from Congress. He stated that such laughter was not enjoyed after the Ramayana serial. His exact words are translated into English: ''After the Ramayana serial, we have got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter today''.

    The hysteric laughter stopped abruptly. But my question is: Which character of the Ramayana serial was credited with such hysteric laughter? Can any Member guess?
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    Our PM Modi must be appreciated and credited for timely intervention in Rajya Sabha when the Congress MP Renuka Chowdhary was keeping on laughing unmindful of the serious issue being debated and discussed to which PM was giving reply. Irked over the continued laughter even after the Chairman of RS reprimanded her the PM had the magnanimity and asked her to continue laughing. But he did take a jibe by commenting on Ramayana's character and that made her to stop. Yes he we was referring to Ravana's laughter and that shamed the MP to shut her mouth and allow for serious debate.
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    Mr. Mohan: ''Yes he we was referring to Ravana's laughter....'' Is it so? Some more knowledgeable people are talking about Ravana's sister.
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    Different people will have different thoughts. I am not able to understand the point of PM in this particular contest. Generally, he is very good in his talking and he brings in very good similarities. But In this particular contest I don't know to whom he is referring. I never heard about the speciality of Ravana's sister's Laugh.
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    Dr. Rao: Did you watch Ramanand Sagar's famous Hindi serial 'Ramayana' during the eighties? Most probably, not. Search for laughter video of Surpanakha in that serial (easily available on the internet today) and compare with the hysteric, high-pitched laughter of the lady MP of the Congress. The comment of the Hon'ble PM would be clearly understood.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This incident is being talked about quite a lot.If you see the videos, it is very obvious that it was part of heckling that happens when party in power and party in the opposition trade barbs.

    It's like Tit for Tat, that we discussed a few days ago. The sarcastic laugh by the MP has evoked an equally sarcastic dig by the PM. Often in politics when key people or key issues are being discussed, these events do occur and the instigator gets away with a minor embarrassment or a little slap on the wrist.

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    Now the lady MP is crying foul. She and her party are now discussing the possibility of tabling Privilege Motion against the PM. Enjoying the drama.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I heard in a video, the laughing of Mrs. Renuka. It is very unbecoming of an MP to do like that. She owes an apology to the Parliament. The Vice President did well to warn her.
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