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    Kohli was out on 0 as per cricket rules but not out as per ICC and BCCI rules

    The Third One day International between South Africa vs India played yesterday was completely fixed by ICC and BCCI officials as Kohli was out on 0 as per cricket rules but it was given to the third umpire for review the decision one technology says that there is no bat involved But the Ultra Edge says there is bat involved.Kohli also not known there is a bat involved.The technology is manipulated may result of this that is why an Out was turned into Not out.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    As I was not present in the field as an umpire, I would simply state that the umpire did not declare him out. So, he continued batting, scored 160 not out and ultimately India won the match. I do not know about Ultra Edge technology, so I would think that the technology is correct. The statement about manipulation of technology is the product of fertile brain of the author.
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    I have not seen this particular when the match was going on. But the decision of the empire will always be correct. I don't see any reason to fix the match by ICC and BCCI expect for rankings? Really the way yesterday Kohli played was very good and many people appreciated the way he played. The third umpire will have the capacity to observe the event fully on the screen and the same will be shown on the screen also. The chances of giving a wrong decision by the third umpire are very remote. I am not aware of Ultra Edge technology. So I can't comment on that particular part. But as far as I am concerned I say always the empire decision is the correct decision.
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    Virat Kohli was out caught by TV umpire Rod Tucker, balling by Nuwan Pradeep, It was 'not out' decision by on-field umpire. The TV umpire later held the play for more than five minutes as he repeatedly studied frame after frame of Kohli playing the hook shot to the short ball by pacer Nuwan Pradeep. Then the decision was displayed.

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    As in Zoom Technology, there was no bat involved.But in Ultra Edge technology confirms there was a bat involved.....
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