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    How would BJP say "Sabke Saath" when a section of BJP members say "Muslims must go to Pakistan"

    A senior lawmaker BJP MP Mr.Vinay Katiyar told that Muslims have "no business being in India" and must go to Pakistan and Bangladesh to live. This comment came from him on the back ground of Asaduddin Owaisi's statement,"for a law that punishes anyone who calls an Indian Muslim a "Pakistani" with a three-year jail term". Not only Mr. Vinay Katiyar but a large section of BJP members are also on this line or trend. Our PM most of the time in his speeches say "Subke saath or inclusive all" slogan and says the opposition parties have divisive forces in them. What this contrasting statements and actions indicate? How do you feel regarding this issue folks and have your say dear members.
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    sometimes some of the people can't stop their emotions and speak something irresponsible. That can't be taken as the party's policy. The policy of the party will be decided by all important people of the party and that will be announced at a press conference by party's spokesperson. Of course, a responsible person should always mind his words.
    The same Owaisi once in Hyderabad in a public speech told that if given a chance to him, he will see that all the Hindus will be killed. He is a very senior leader in their party and I think he is the founder also. Is it correct to talk like that? Is it the policy of his party to eliminate Hindus from India. These words will hurt the feelings of many Hindus.

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    There are so many things have been said by different political party in the past. If we quote each and everyone's quotes, we might be ending our days fighting each other. The important part is few political leader do not run this country. If we start accepting their statement seriously, It will be called only foolishness to us. Also, we should avoid to post such thread to get unnecessarily controversy.

    No one is saint, everyone know how to make people fool and run this country. The time has come when we use our mind and think practically instead we run to support our own favoured political party.

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    There are so many instances of such statements by the BJP lawmakers previously also. Mr. Jeets says we should not bother about such comments because they are made by few people. He got a point there. One thing I cannot understand is that why the Government is not taking action against them. I have doubt lingering in my mind for some time. The partition of India is decried. Now we have Muslims in our country who constitute 15% of the population. If there was no partition and if there were no Pakistan and Bangladesh which are Muslim majority countries, what would be the position now? The percentage of Muslims will be more than what is now. Can such a situation be tolerated by those people who want the Muslims to go to Pakistan or Bangladesh?
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    KVVR for your kind information, there is the talk of partition going on again in TV news and the debates are going on. I don't remember the person but someone has quoted saying when Muslim community had 18% of population in India, the Pakistan was made. In current situation too they have 18% of population so why can't they demand for another country? Do you think we should allow and oblige with such statement?

    Should not a time has come when we should use our brain before coming to discuss such subject which only divide India.

    I am only surprised to see in ISC forum that when a member talk against congress or their opinion or talk about religion, he gets blamed for talking on such subject. Here this members has posted this thread, but no one came to object it!

    This shows how we have two different opinion for two different member. The LE of ISC who runs over the member whom he dislike in such subject is silent?

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    Are such sensitive threads allowed in ISC? In that case, some other Members can also raise such threads? Maybe some Members still remember 'boti-boti' comment against the present Prime Minister, Akbarduddin Owaisi's comment about Hindus, etc., for example.
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    In this regard the fault is with other member's in BJP . There are very in counting numbers who think like PM Modi in BJP party. For this we cannot stand PM is at fault its the mistake of most of the minds who think of communism. In Karnataka also the same discussion is going on, the BJP workers are against it. Oppostion party and the ruling party are en-cashing this opportunity. This is all about political game which changes in time there is no definite conclusion for it.

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    I agree with Jeet Singh. It is true that they may ask for another division as their percentage is increasing. There were discussions on this on TV. Anything is possible in this country for the sake of power. Some time this wish may also be fulfilled. We may be simple spectators watching the entire happenings.
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    If I am permitted, I can put up my (draft) article on Mughlistan project which would tell other Members about the exact agenda. But will the Editors allow my well-researched article?
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    The first statement is inappropriate. There would always be errant members in all parties and within each party, who would be speaking their minds. At times, a part of a statement would be lifted and quoted or misquoted to implies a totally different meaning. Many times, the people who surround the politicians keep pushing them with pointed questions or instigatory questions repeatedly to elicit a remark in anger that would be inappropriate.

    Party ideology and statements coming from a single person has less value than that coming from the official spokesman or the senior leader. Anyone is entitled to speak his or mind out, in this context when faced with a barrage of questions or enjoying the limelight people make comments that they would regret later or be pulled up by the top brass a few days later.

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    In 1947 at the time of partition, India was under the rule of Britsh. Now we have our own Government. Even to float the idea that there is a talk about partition is insulting the Indians and the Indian Government. I wish members refrain from sharing such fake news on this site.
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    Just because one person in BJP has said something we should not generalise the broad perspective of that party and still there is every scope for Sab ke saath sab ka vikas and the PM has already reached out to the Muslim women by addressing the long pending triple talaq issue. So what I mean to say when sincere efforts are initiated and done, why should there be insecure feeling among the Muslims that they would be asked to go to Pakistan. If that was the case, then why they Government has asked every one to have Aadhaar card and not singled out any community. In a fit of rage or in some context sometimes the BJP leaders do raise the bogey of Muslims and they are under the compulsion to please the RSS and VHP which is backing the BJP on Hinduvta plank. So take the statement of Vinay Katiyar also on the same lines.
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    Mr. KVVR, if I wish, I can full on debate on this issue of the thread but I do not feel to just run over by someone statements. However, I feel pity on you the way you respond to all of the thread "one sided" whenever you need to cover your loved political party.

    You did not question of this thread statement because it is support your opinion whether it has fake news or true! But, my statement looked "fake" for you. For your kind information, I am not blindly follow any political party or religion, yes, sometime I aggressively debate because when I see other person blindly trying to put his own personal view in a matter. I would really wish if you can find even a single "fake" news or thread of mine in ISC. Also, I never try to misguide others.

    The statement or say demand for another country for Indian Muslim has come from J&K Grand Mufti. You better check on what an all he said, instead of me writing here. Because if I say something on this issue, it may or may not be digested by some people.

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    The BJP is the coalition partner of the ruling party. What are they doing about it? What if some inconsequential person makes an insane statement, can we the Indians take it seriously. Such statements should not be given value and should not be put into circulation. I am really sorry about it.
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