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    Secularism # Is It A Political Stunt For Vote Bank Only ?

    What would you call someone who defines the policy on the basis of gender, caste, creed or religion Or would you prefer the opportunity to be given to someone who is best suited without any discrimination.

    Although, I would know your stance only after having replyies to my querry but giving the simple fact that "Secularism" in India means equal treatment of all religions by the state. This is as per the constituition of India. But is it happening so or this has been incorporated with the minority group only & simultaneously ignoring the interest of the other community.

    This has become the practice of the various Political Parties that to win elections they can go to any extent which sometimes lead to the riots between the group of two different practices or beliefs. We are so much down & mean that we are no more associated with any social or quality ethics. It is sad that even belonging to one nation we are different from within & to such an extent that we even ready to conspire against any person because of a simple reason that we want to take advantage of others & no one is above me.

    This continues & who suffers is the common man.
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    True. The secularism in India is for the advantage of politicians. Politicians use this as a weapon for getting their plans work. Their ultimate aim is to be in politics and to make hay while the Sun shines. Definitely, there is no equal treatment to all religions. Each party will have its affiliations with one or other religion. If all the people going on well without any disputes and without any interference of their religion in living, politicians will never like it. They have to do something so that these people will quarrel and he can get the advantage. For this most frequently used weapons are caste and religion. The politicians have no social responsibilities and their ultimate aim is to protect their personal interests and their party interests but not the country's interest or public interest.
    I don't know will there be any change in the coming days.

    always confident

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    A very relevant topic for discussion. The time has now come to ponder over the inclusion of this word in the Preamble of the Constitution through 42nd Amendment. There are innumerable reasons behind re-consideration of this issue. Some of the reasons are:-
    (a) A young boy is killed for uttering Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. Instead of outrightly condemning the killing, the so-called intelligentsia of the country blamed the young boy stating that he abused a community. Some people of the community later threatened his father, but the same intelligentsia did not talk about the matter.
    (b) The intelligentsia delivers long lectures to the majority community on inter-religious marriage. But when a young boy is butchered by members of other community, the same intelligentsia takes the help of the hapless father to call for peace. They don't condemn the murderers including a totally brainwashed young boy of 16.
    (c) Religious leaders of another community mention Article 25(1) of the Constitution, and converts tribal people of a state to change the demography. On the other hand, the members of this so-called intelligentsia create hullaballoo in case of 'ghar wapsi'.
    (d) The intelligentsia indirectly encourages arrest of a decorated military officer by the previous Government to prove the theory of so-called saffron terror.

    All these and many more incidents prove beyond doubt that secularism has become a convenient stick to beat the majority community by the rootless political leaders and intellectuals. Time has definitely come to discuss and debate secularism. If it is felt that the particular policy is harmful to the peace and integrity of the nation, this policy has to be changed.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In India, Secularism on only for preaching on the dias, Many practical events and policies when looked at carefully, will have a leaning towards a particular community and faith, hence defeating the very purpose of 'Secularism'. Gifts during elections, subsidies, attending functions of a particular religion, announcing policies, reservation, making alliances all these are directly or indirectly connected to the concept of vote bank politics.

    Sadly, the interests of the nation and people often take a back-seat, only self-preservation and staying in power would be the prime agenda. Any good or bad news is used for modified for personal gain in the guise of expressing congratulations or condolences.

    What is worrying is, still we, the people fall for it every time whenever there is a hidden motive to stoke communal disharmony or keeping inter-faith issues alive. We should cast away our differences and ignore these people, only then we can reap the true benefits of a secular state.

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