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    Do you think BJP will perform well in South in the next Parliament elections?

    In the year 2019, there will be elections for Parliament and BJP is having better chances to get another verdict in their favour, is the thinking of many political pundits. I also feel BJP will be in power. But my doubt is whether the party is going to perform well in the Southern states. Telangana the stronghold of TRS, will definitely repeat its performance. Kerala and Tamilnadu also there are no chances for the party to get any maximum seats. The remaining two states are Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Presently Karnataka is under the ruling of Congress party. Andhra Pradesh is with TDP a friendly alliance of BJP. But AP people are very much disturbed with the attitude of the BJP government in Delhi. So as their friendly party TDP may not gain anything by going with them. The chances of winning are more for TDP here. So on the whole BJP may not be able to secure many seats in South. What are the views of others on this?
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    I do not think BJP has much say in South India. In Telangana it has to sail with TRS party and probably have a poll alliance otherwise going alone would be futile and great mishap. In AP already the BJP is having uneasy relations with Chandrababu Naidu and hence may opt with YSRCP. Again if BJP goes with Jagan, then what about their plank of corruption free India and how they can side with a corrupted leader ? In TN there is going to hectic political activity as both super stars Rajnikanth and Kamala Hassan would throw the hat and the latest news is that Dinakaran group want to merge with main AIADMK and thus BJP has no place there. Coming to Karnataka it may revive the chance due to Siddaramiah taunts but again not fully. Kerala is ruled out as the Communists wont allow BJP to even campaign.
    K Mohan
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    In South India, BJP is not the No. 1 party. However, BJP has been flexing its muscles in the southern states since late-1990s (during the time of first NDA Government). Moreover, there are many strong regional parties in the southern states. We should be very sure that some of the regional parties in Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Seemandhra and Karnataka will join hands with BJP. In Kerala, the party has to fight alone. But without going with UDF, LDF or any other outfit, BJP would strengthen its position. BJP's performance in southern states will show significant improvement.
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    But Partha what I feel that BJP does not have the grass route level workers in South. They are not able to get more than one or two seats in erstwhile AP or Telangana now. That means the party should concentrate to have real workers to strengthen the party. If TDP has come to power again after nine years in AP means it has good party workers always working for the party. I am not finding such spirited work force with the BJP and that is why they are not able to make formidable presence in South. And considering the stronghold of regional parties, the BJP has to take sides one or the other for survival and not get major benefits.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: You are absolutely correct. BJP has not yet developed a dedicated workforce in southern states, but RSS workers are coming to offer a helping hand to the party. More and more top-level RSS leaders are visiting southern (and north-eastern) states to give BJP a proper direction. Some voters who traditionally vote for regional parties will vote for BJP because they are disenchanted. BJP will definitely gain in Tamilnadu due to the break-up of AIADMK and incompetence of DMK. It is going to gain significantly in Karnataka due to incompetent Congress leaders led by Sid.

    In Kerala, needless to mention that the murder of countless BJP-RSS workers by CPI(M) led LDF and the minority appeasement policy practised by LDF as well as UDF would help BJP. The different infightings (for example, Vijayan vs. Achyutanandan, or different factions of Keral Congress) will also help BJP. There is no doubt about it.

    However, I have to say that although BJP would significantly improve its tally in the next Lok Sabha election in 2019, it would not be able to become the No. 1 political force in the southern states so soon.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In the absence of Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi(due to illness), many trying to take over the leadership post in Tamilnadu. BJP is one among them. But, Tamil Nadu people, mainly not happy with their Hindutva and making Hindi compulsory. Also, there is no pleasing candidate to represent BJP in Tamilnadu. There was a by election in RK Nagar recently, in which BJP got only 1417 votes, where NOTA gor more than BJP.
    In this week, Siddaramaiah tweeted to PM Modi. In that tweet, he asked PM to have walk and talk with him. The talk related to appointing lokpal, questioned the sudden rise of properties with Jay Shah, son of BJP chief Amit Shah, and also challenged, whether Modi can appoint untainted person from BJP as a CM candidate.
    As long as BJP brings in disputes among people in the name of Hindutva and try to hide the identity of other languages, by enforcing Hindi, they cannot get even a reasonable number of Votes in South, especially in Tamil Nadu.

    Sri Vetri
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    In the near future, there are no chances of BJP becoming strong in the southern region. They have to depend on a regional party as a coalition partner and nothing more than that.
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    The South has been a different cup of tea for BJP, they squandered their chance in Karnataka with corruption being rampant forcing people to change.

    In Tamil Nadu, the vacuum created by the two big names is trying to be filled by two superstars of the Tamil Film Industry. BJP needs to strengthen its presence, forge alliances in the southern states so that they get a foot hold. Their best chance would be trying to capture Karnataka first and the follow-up with Chandra Babu Naidu by pacifying the budget allocation to the state.

    Once they can achieve this, then they have a better chance to establish themselves in the South. In Tamil Nadu,a surprise would be, BJP forming an alliance with DMK or one of the two cinema legends.

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    Southern states except Karnataka thinks that BJP is not a national political party and it is a Hindian political Party. They have to win NOTA before winning MLA / MP seats if they stand alone in elections. This is the ground reality.

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    If really BJP wants to get a say in South India, it has to start supporting these states. But the attitude of the government is more towards north rather than south. Their attitudes towards the AP is a live example of their difference towards this area. Another mistake is that the BJP president allowed many Congress leaders who got no influence on the people to BJP and trying to give importance to them. Their sole motto is to defame Naidu and see that he will be out of power. It makes no meaning to the AP people as they know the leader correctly and they have also seen how the city of Hyderabad developed which was actually initiated by this man only which is acknowledged by the TRS ministers also. As such the BJP should think a correct strategy to become a popular party in South otherwise South India will never accept BJP as a National Party. Even though I am a strong supporter of BJP, the opinions facts are to be accepted.
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