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    "The Superstition" The Greatest Social Evil Of The Living Society...

    "Superstition" is the oldest social evil deep rooted within ourselves also, that this even have extended from its original size & still this keeps on increasing with no option of these getting written off.
    As a child we are born with the minimum requirement to live a life but this changes as we grow up & simultaneously we need much to carry out our lives. We generate means & even try to get ourselves involved in many short cuts in order to achieve the required resources with the lesser time. Now & as the time sometimes doesn't fulfill our wishes, we move to other methods of achieving these. The process has already begun wherein we tend to believe & do anything which can at least make ourselves satisfied on the way to our destination or a task.

    Another well known superstition is the sacrifices of the animals that we make in the name of religion. This has even lead to the human sacrifices of even unborn child. Continuing with the idol worship to offering food to them instead offering to someone who actually need it.

    We have a long way as this still doesn't seems promising in the coming future.
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    As Indian society believes in superstitious things, and i do agree with the writer that it is an evil and just because of this we Indians are not able to come above and raised in the society. Our country is developing country and not able to become developed. we can say its our thinking that is the reaason for this. india is the country with most of the hidden talents but are not able to come out as if we are going to come out society come with the idea this is not right time to do so. But why, i have an idea, i have a potential and i have opportunity too then when will the right time to start? i don't think, when we have opportunity, and we can start, any right time is better than it.
    so i think we should not think of this evil and continue our work.

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    Superstitions die hard. We can try to stop certain superstitions such as killing animals and small kids to get their wishes to full fill. If we know that somebody is doing such acts we can ask police to take action on them. To a lot extent these acts are coming down. As long as we are not harming anybody we need not worry about these superstions. But we should not harm anybody in the name of superstitions.
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    By the way what you and me loose on anybody following their own superstitions and having a strong belief in them. We have been guided by the elders and those elders are ably guided by their elders and these superstition practices are being followed since ages and the legacy is passed on to the generations. May be the educated lot pooh pooh the majority who follow the superstitions, it is the fact that those who followed it has experienced the difference in life which they cannot convince to those who are atheist and wont have believe in such practice. So let the people live on their own conditions of life.
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    We need to work on this attitude towards superstitious beliefs. Superstitions can be accepted to an extent, crossing limits in the name of God is an idiocy. I never realized the fact that using milk in temple poojas was substantial wastage when there are people who cant afford a glass of milk are still living in our country. Thanks to Aamir Khans PK movie that made me realize a lot of things.

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    One cannot argue about milk and food offered to God, Do we question the extravagant weddings and functions carried out at big weddings or arrival of a political leader? do we question the amount of money wasted in the name of celebrations (new year, Diwali), do we need the elaborate IPL launches, parties, and dancers for every six and four? So, if we cannot question such wastage of money that can be used for poor, we are in no position to question traditional beliefs.
    Traditional beliefs and Superstitions have a thin line of difference and for ages, we have been crossing this with or without our knowledge.
    Some would be comfortable with a simple offering of flowers and food, the value of this is that it gives a sense of hope for a desperate man. When this moves on to sacrifices then it would not be acceptable, for many including myself. We are slowly moving away but it would take many more years before we can completely get rid of Superstition.

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    Superstition is a trait acquired by us during our upbringing and it is really very difficult to get rid of it. People who have rational thinking do not accept these illogical beliefs but no one hears to their views and advice in the matter.

    In fact, many people follow superstitious things just to hide their weaknesses. The gullible fall into the trap and soon the crowd believing in these things becomes sufficiently big to make the rational people keep quiet.

    It is not so that we have this evil only in our country. There are many countries where it is present in one form or other.

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    Yes indeed, superstitions are the greatest evil of the society. Superstitions however can become a subservient of something much greater evil which inculcates to the total decay in the fabric of society, and that is ignorance, or the will of staying uninformed. People who refuses to accept and acknowledge the significance of education impacting the whole world and the refined concept of life, may as well be troublesome to the people around them. It is of human nature to yield a scientific mind as people grow older, but without education, the human logic could tend to dwell towards irrationality and with the ever accumulation of ego, create social biases and disharmony.

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    Superstition is some belief without scientific reasoning. Let aside scientific reasoning, it does not have any reasoning. Superstitions are very common in people in rural areas owing to their limited exposure to outer world. Once the people are exposed to outer world with other people, they understand that the superstitions which are supposed to be good are not supposed to be the same elsewhere.

    Secondly, some people with vested interest like Ozas, Mantrik and Tantriks do not want that the society should be free from superstitions. The superstitions are their bread and butter. Superstitions in adivasi areas prevent them from getting treatment and education. Some people exploit these things for their profit. Recently, two veteran social workers and advocates of anti-superstition laws were murdered in Karnataka . This shows that some people are trying to protect this evil for their advantage.

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    There are different kind of superstition in our country. One can easily look around and find "Nimbu Mirchi" hanging people's door or vehicles. People do different kind of remedy to bring peace or prosperity at home. People do fasting. I find it no wrong as long as it is personal and not harmful to anyone physically.

    As far as human sacrifice is concern, I feel God has given us "brain" to think which is correct and which is not. We should not follow anything blindly if that is harmful to someone.

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    Superstitions are very much related to castes and religions, that is what I think. Because each religion has got its own superstitions following religious rites. I belong to a community which follow different rituals starting from the day of birth. By about 8 th year there is the sacred thread wearing ceremony. And the boy is to continue for three years with so many restrictions. He was generally known as Brahmachari. He has take bath in a pond or river, that is he has to submerge himself in the water. Both at Sun rise and Sun set after bath he is to recite 'Ohm'
    108 times first and then Gayathri manthra and again ohmkaram, each 108 times. After completing this a Homa has to be done with chamatha sticks. Like this there several other ritualistic duties to be done by the brahmachri. This is for three years, after that he becomes a full-fledged Brahmin who has to wear the three lined thread throughout his life and do the manthra and omkara chanting too.
    I too had undergone all these rituals during my school days. But after that when started college studies I stopped everything and even the thread was removed. When I look back I feel all those were superstitious actions. This is my personal opinion only. Do not take it seriously.


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