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    They will do dinner together and let us fight each other

    Once during a business fair, I met one of the marketing staff of my company's competitor. Since we are in same field so we know each others very well if not physically but by our names. Often we meet during such occasion and exchange the smiles. We both are doing marketing for two opposite brand and we have very healthy competition.

    So, that day I met him, we went together to canteen nearby and had laughed together. His one statement which he said I liked it - "Arey, you don't know they both (both competitor brand people) will do dinner together and let us fight each other here." Its called business. So let us do our work keeping aside our personal relationship."

    I was back to my place but was keep thinking his word. How correct he was. We simply have inner competition just because we belong to two different brand and keep feeling opposite to each other.

    The same way I think of today's politics in India. The politics will create differences between us, they will allow us to fight each other just because we belong to two different opinion political party. But, who knows, they meet in dinner table and laugh together for their win. To create differences and rule the situations.
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    It is true. Politicians of different parties will be good friends personally. They talk to each other very friendly. Only their Ideaology may be different. The people will get divided and quarrel each other. But these top leaders fight onlyoutsides. Internally they are friendsonly. That is how they make people fools. Rajasekhar reddy andBaby were good friends I understand. But they used to fight always in the assembly. One as the leader of ruling party and the other as the leader of opposition party. Another important point to note is there is no permanent friendship or enemity between politicians. Today they may be enemies tomorrow they may become friends.
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    Your friend's word is very much true. Many of us without knowing this fight ourselves meaninglessly. Not only in business but in politics, cinema and even familie it is happening. In families the parties reversal. When two children of neighbourhood flight themselves while playing, the parents of both children make this issue big and fight themselves even to the level of quarrel, attack etc. But the children again goes to play.
    Similarly the fans of famous two actors of yester year Shivaji Ganesan and MGRamachandran (called as MGR, and Chief minister of Tamilnadu later) were treating themselves as enemies. One time MGR visited Madurai and during his procession on four main roads, on one road there was a cinema hall where Shivaji film was released. Between the crowd of MGR and Shivaji a quarrel raised but hearing and seen MGR went there and politely informed both side fans that they, Shivaji and himself were good friends and advised all to unite without fighting for anything. Since then there was a cordial relationship between both fans.

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    It is partially true. Politicians of different parties, especially the dishonest politicians, maintain a good friendship with one another, irrespective of political affiliations.
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    Yes it is the fact that in politics, business and real life there are no permanent enemies and every one is the human being. Just for the sake of fight there would be ego problems , difference of opinion and also mudslinging against each other. For example if PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi comes face to face, surely they would exchange pleasantries and also wish each other. That is the courtesy of high order. But we know how bitter they are in down sizing each other prestige in public. Likewise we the employees should not take the employees of competitor and we must behave with them as friends. Even in my field I get to have contacts with the enemy company but we keep aside our profiles for a while and crack jokes and eat together completely forgetting our job positions. That is the real life to lead.
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    Your post reminds me of a poem "The man he killed", written by Thomas Hardy.
    In that poem, the poet talks from the place of a soldier.
    The soldier thinks about an another soldier from opposite army, he killed in the war. He writes in the following meaning,
    "If we were met in a bar, we would have sipped our drinks together and had a chat and become friends. But I killed you now because we met in war and you were my enemy. You were my enemy, just because you stood in an opposite army. "

    In your post, you additionally added that, the leaders or boss we follow are friends but we still fight thinking that they do the same. Yes, it is not true. I remember a day, where two people arguing which is best, "Rin or Surf excel", and they were not aware that both brands are from Hindustan.
    Always, people should be aware of, for what they are fighting, instead of, for whom they are fighting. People and their needs will keep changing. As a leader or a boss, their need may vary. We should stick to our needs and follow who favors it, and not to people without knowing their path and proceedings.

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    Some noble gentlemen would shake hands and have a drink after office hours or after meetings, For these unique men and women, Profession is different, friendship is different, even if they are on opposite sides, they admire each others professional integrity.

    Anyone who has watched the iconic movie 'A Few Good Men' (1992) would remember the arguments between Tom Cruise Vs Kevin Bacon on the same case. but both respect each other like friends.

    It is well known in many professions, officers of various departments, rivals submitting tenders,lawyers arguing against each other for the same client, two common enemies and politicians. It is accepted as it would be human nature to form alliances for having friends in the same profession or for personal gain.

    I hope rivals become honorable friends, even in politics.

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