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    Sheer joy of finding old articles and joining the missing link

    As a person always deeply interested in India's military history, I had been searching for a quite long time. I knew that he took part in 1971 war in the Eastern sector, but could not find the Brigade which he commanded. I searched a lot, I delved deep but even then I was unsuccessful. It was a missing link for me.

    The day before yesterday, I was going through my Twitter timeline. A comment was posted about the resignation of a famous journalist from Indian Express. Suddenly among the responses to that comment, I found a response from a Pakistani who gave a link to an old article published in the Hindu in 2011. I opened the link out of curiosity, and......! I could join the missing link. No, it is not about the journalist, but about the Army Officer whom I was searching.

    Major-General SS Uban. At the time of 1971 war, he was a Brigadier of Indian Army. He was actively engaged in the Eastern sector. He was commended for his contribution, but he did not command any formal Brigade in the war. Then what did he do? His role is still not fully acknowledged. But he was instrumental in Niaji's surrender. He trained Bangladeshi Mukti Bahini and his soldiers, along with the Mukti Bahini, operated behind enemy lines.

    Just like magic, after reading this particular article published in the Hindu, I have found some more articles about this deeply spiritual but extremely dare-devil Major-General. I have come to know about his various other remarkable fetes. I have come to know about his role in some other sensitive missions.

    Although I can't share what I have read about him, I can share my joy of finding old articles and joining the missing link.
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    I can understand your joy as sometimes we would be searching for something and come across the one which we were hunting for, same has happened with you and that is great satisfaction...
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations for getting the missing link and fin dining the old articles. I can understand your happiness when you found that information which you are looking for. Very good and all the best.
    always confident

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    It is first time that I get to know a person, who is interested in Indian military history. Of course different people will have different interest. Good to hear that, people are interested to know the real heroes of our country. If I am not wrong, you have written an article on freedom fighters from North East. Now I understand, how did you come up with those unique articles. I could deeply understand , how much you would have excited, when you found that missing link.
    My grand parents used to tell, "your thoughts has power to get things done". I think that has worked out for you. Wish you good luck to get all you need, to fulfill your knowledge thirst.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    When you start sorting out your old letters or paperwork to clear the clutter or to arrange things in order, you often come across a little piece of paper, card, picture or information. This makes you forget the task at hand and we move back to the good old days and it's memories.

    It could just be a picture of our children taken ages ago, a letter from someone important or a postcard for our first overseas tour. So, I can understand your joy.

    Long back, I had bought the first stamp to be issued in the world (penny black) and I had safely misplaced it. Last December, while I was searching for a tax receipt, I was overjoyed to find it safely tucked in the folder that had the legal documents!

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