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    Will we see more of "Temple Run" by Rahul Gandhi in near future

    Suddenly, the Rahul Gandhi become the Rahul Baba just before and after the Gujrat election. Finally, he came to know the power of Hindu God and Goddess. Earlier the congress president was shy to visit temple because of fear that some section of people might come against of it. However, it was a drastic change of his thinking. The same congress who never believed in religion, started showing their impression that Hindus are too important for their vote bank.

    How much he will get blessed God only know but there is no doubt that his Temple run which has started will continue till next general election. And, do you think that his this action will fetch him the vote to come to the power?
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    Rahul-ji has become 'janaudhari Hindu'. Furthermore, the election is approaching. Nowadays, thanks to BJP, visiting the religious places of other communities only and issue of direction from the religious leaders of other communities may cause adverse impact. So, his temple visit would increase in near future.

    However, very unfortunately, some people still remember: "Those who visit temples also tease women." Who said this?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What is the use of those who wont believe and yet visit the temple and pray God just for the media glare and publicity and not really like the Hindus. On the one hand Rahul Gandhi has the compulsion to follow his Christianity faith by virtue of his closeness to his mother and uncles. On the other hand after being chosen as the party President, he might have felt the need to take all the communities with the party so that there should not selective siding with one community. In the recent Gujarat election only for his tilt towards Hindus and visiting temples he got some votes and that he shall cash on in every election now..
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    It is a clear indication that he requires the votes of Hindus also for winning the elections. He never think that by going there and praying may help him but it is a election gimmick. It may be a decision after seeing Gujaratelections. If he is thinking that all people will be with him if he visits a temple . India voters are not so foolish They know what is good and what isbad
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    Perhaps he might have studied well the Indian politics and the trend of electioneering by some political parties since 1989 after which the Congress lost its identity to rule the country as a single party also could have been the other factor to think him on these lines. A Bofors gun and a mandir are the political issues for some parties in every general election for the last two and a half decades and the Indian people accept it every time. Each leader has his own style of attracting the people and this young leader might have learnt a leaf from them!

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    It has fetched votes for BJP. Why not for Congress? This tactic by Rahul Gandhi almost cost Gujarat State for the BJP. Rahul Gandhi being the son of Rajiv Gandhi is a Hindu by birth. A Hindu going to a temple is common. Rahul Gandhi himself declared that he is a believer in Bhagwan Shiva.
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    HAHA..Mr. KVVR, your response brought smile on me. How nice and depth faith you have for Rahul Gandhi is really appreciable. However, somewhere it was said that in temple registration book, his religion was mentioned which was not Hindu.

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    Mr. Jeets, I am very happy that I brought a smile to your face! Check your facts. At Somnath Temple, someone else entered his name as a foreigner. That does not make Rahul Gandhi a non-Hindu.When we write something we have to check twice.
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    People can go to any extent in political fights. If the general public is impressed with the religious attitudes they will go to the temples, churches and mosques whether they believe and have faith in that or not.

    When one big leader does such things and gets applaud from the general public, the smaller ones also join the fray in hope of same treatment from the gullible public.

    Just like magicians, the politicians also have tricks up in their sleeves which they take out as required time to time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Why should one allow another person to write on his/her behalf, it is obvious to know the reason.

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    Places of faith have an important relevance to Indian people and politicians alike. Before every election, we get to hear about politicians visiting temples, offering elaborate payers to seek blessings and success. Along similar lines, visiting temples in popular places also give them a chance to connect with the electorate and the masses that improve their votes.
    Once into the trade, newcomers or novices do adapt and learn quickly, the best way to succeed is to follow what someone has done and benefitted. Each leader has his or her own preferences but these have to be modified to the current scenario based on the advice given by the seniors and the thinktank team.
    So, Mr.Rahul would have been advised appropriately to make his presence felt in the temples and in the minds of the electorate.

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    "At Somnath Temple, someone else entered his name as a foreigner. That does not make Rahul Gandhi a non-Hindu.When we write something we have to check twice."

    Most probably someone else spoke in the voice of Rahul Gandhi: "Those who visit temples also tease women."

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Does BJP have any copyright for the word "Hindu"

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    Facts cannot be buried by false news. A simple check on 'google' will reveal the facts. These days misinformation and spreading fake news has become common. It is better to check the facts before we write.
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    BJP never claimed that they have the copyright for Hindu or Hindutva. However it is oppositions only who tagged them associating with Hindu. For this matter, no one have any copyright or right for any religion. However, genuinely going to temple and just to attract people and show that they believe in Hindu religion too for the sake of the vote bank is only can call a political Drama and nothing else.

    But, now anyone can see how opposition, who were distancing with Hindu and temple, who were taken the Hindu votes granted, bowing their head down to the temple. Nice to see what the so called secular Congress running behind the Hindus.

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