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    Is drinking cold water is good for health

    In recent, I am addicted of drinking cold water. The chillness is getting more and more in me. The normal water no more taste to me and my throat always feel thirsty. I drink lots of water in a day, around 3-4 litrs. In my office refrigerator the water bottles kept only for me.

    However, I am not sure if drinking too cold water is healthier or not. This is why I am here to ask this question from knowledgeable member if they can advise me something. Also, I want to get rid of this addiction of cold water, is there any idea or advise for me?
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    Your body seems to be hot and the throat dry and hence yearn to drink cold water. Normally people would prefer cold water during peak summer when every ones throat goes thirsty and want of water. If the plain water has offered, our thirst wont subsidise. Hence we want either ice cool water or fridge water. But we should not have drinking water in cold form during winter. There is every chance that the water when mixed with the ice which of other variety may react and the heat already present on the body and throat would react and thus cold caugh or dry caugh would start.
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    Cold water is not good for drinking. It will give problem to the throat as well as teeth also. Many doctors are advising to drink only normal water or warm water. I never prefer taking cold water. As fast as possibleIuse RO water at room temperature only. Generally in our house we all take or al water only. But in peaksummer my sons will go for cold water.
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    In addition to a sore throat and related problems, I have read somewhere that drinking ice-cold in summer increases the probability of a heart-related problem. But I don't know whether this is true or simply a rumour for more caution.
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    Usually doctors say drinking cold water is not always good for health. Even in summer if we drink cold water heavily we may have the probability of getting throat infection, voice become rough and some times cough. At that time doctors advice us not to drink fridge water but only normal water. But in summer season by drinking cold water our body temperature get lowered. Never drink cold water while you are having your meals. The reason for this is the digestive enzymes of our body works very efficiently at our body temperature. In reaction to cold water our body has to work more to retain our normal body temperature than on our digestion of food which results in indigestion. Ayurveda advocate to drink hot water rather than cold water to improve blood circulation, muscles functioning, to improve the functioning of our body organs more efficiently.

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    Different people different opinions. There'd be a higher incidence of coronary problems in people living in cold climate if cold water caused problems.

    I have been drinking ice-cold water and chewing ice, since my childhood. I also eat frozen black grapes, when they are in season. I have had no health problems, due to this habit of mine.

    Also, if your thirst is excessive then it is best to see a doctor. Drinking 3-4 litres water because you are thirsty could be a sign of some health issue. Excessive thirst is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

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    Thank you all for your kind response. I have no problem with cold because I know my body and it can manage in any condition. However, I will see it for some more days and as suggested will go to consult with doctor.

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    I have heard the other way, warm water is helpful for the body for circulation and at times to loose weight a little. Coldwater would need to be regulated to the body's temperature once consumed, The taste of cold water is better than regular water, maybe this appeals to you.

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    Drinking cold water is only natural. Drinking ice-cold water not so. Enamel of teeth is heat sensitive. It can wither away with excessive exposure to hot or cold objects. And a lot of energy is required to process cold water.

    In a simple sentence, want to be a little fatter and a lot hungrier? Go ahead and drink 8 glasses of ice cold water. Otherwise there's no issue. Moreover bacterial action is extremely less in low temperature. Less bacteria growth is observed in cold water than boiled water.
    So it is partly healthy.

    But don't go to ice cold water much.

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