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    Challenge of physically challenged

    Physically challenged people in olden days were separated by themselves or others. Later Government offered some concessions, offers to them for mingling with others. The term handicapped has been changed as physically challenged. Now they got one more diamond on their crown.
    In Chennai surroundings of koyambedu, Guindy, Beach railway station, Central railway station some physically challenged youngsters serving for disabled and other single persons to drop at their places through their two (sorry, three)wheelers. Really it is an appreciable and applaudable job.
    They christened this service as 'Maa Ula'.
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    Great to see the Physically Challenged youngsters doing this noble service. Earlier, it was a tradition and common practice to feel sorry for such people or help them out of pity. Now there is a slow change where in differently abled people are treated with respect what they deserve. These youngsters do not need our sympathy but need to be seen as professionals like other people doing their jobs.

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    The plight of the challenged person would be known by same person who is also physically challenged. Great to see such youngsters are doing yeomon service and the Railways must learn from them. Instead the department must facilitate the transfer of such challenged people to whom the ordinary persons who are in hurry wont help and in peak hours we can really imagine the challenges.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good to see people coming out to help the differently abled and single people. I hope this is a registered and recognised service. We do not want incidents where the differently abled are cheated by miscreants in the guise of helping them.

    Every individual involved in this humanitarian service must be made to register with the police or RTO perhaps. And the boarding points should be regulated. There should be CCTV cameras fitted wherever the services start (where the differently abled hop on to the customised two-wheelers). The system should be foolproof so as to safeguard the interest of the passenger. What I suggest is that it should be tuned on the lines of 'pre-paid' taxi services at railway stations. This would ensure the safety of the people.

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    Sorry, I missed this thread earlier.

    Earlier they were called ''physically handicapped''. Later they were being addressed as ''differently abled''. Now they are being called ''divyang''. The name/mode of addressing them has been changed many a time. But even now, they are considered a burden on the society. We have not been able to arrange facilities for their smooth movement. We have not arranged facilities for their transport. They are still facing extreme difficulties in airports and railway stations. In offices, buildings and malls, there are no special toilets for them.

    In India, as per the rough estimate, more than 50 lakh physically handicapped people are there. We have not arranged proper facilities for them even in larger cities. So, why do we change the mode of addressing these people? Why don't we launch schemes for them and properly implement such schemes all over the country?

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    It is very nice to know that the Divyangs are helping similar people for their movement. A nice initiative from the physically challenged people. I generally observed these people will have more friendship and confidence on similar people. Their initiative is very commendable as even though they have a problem they made themselves happy and trying to help people who are in need of some help.
    My sister is deaf and dumb by birth and she married another similar boy. They have a daughter now and she is perfect without any problem. These two always make friends with similar people and the enjoy their company. My sister works in state government department and she enjoys helping others as required if they are also having any physical deficiency.

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