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    Why does a job become monotonous?

    One of my friends was working in a company and quit the job stating that it is monotonous and there was nothing new to learn. Earlier she was working as a lecturer and even there she felt it is monotonous as she had to repeat the same thing every year and had nothing new to learn.

    But what I feel is, in whichever field we go, we have to be dedicated to that domain itself. We need to have interest in the work and then only we will have the enthusiasm to work.
    Do we find jobs boring because we lack interest or really is it because it is the same job? If quitting is a solution stating monotony as a reason, then there are so many people working as lift operators, household works etc which will be the same routine every day. Won't they feel their job as boring?
    I think we need to love our work and make it interesting and also we need to set up some positive mindset and atmosphere to stick to a job.
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    Adopting to jobs are always not possible for everyone. Your friend's brain is not accepting repeated jobs. She might be a quick learner and people like him/her simply end up as serial entrepreneurs, artists, short film directors, web designers etc., I don't feel anything wrong with switching jobs. But if you see from the perspective of an employer her profile won't be good enough for securing good longterm jobs. Sticking to any job by developing positive mindset is still an option if the job she is working is feeding her family.

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    I feel that the caption of this post should be: ''Why is job becomes monotonous?'' In my opinion, the job becomes boring when it does not provide any scope of learning or any scope to contribute meaningfully to the progress of the organization.

    However, boring or not, most of the people have to carry on with the job which they are doing. They don't have the luxury to leave the job and enjoy the peaceful environment in the residence. The author's friend is very lucky.

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    For an average person, earning money legally in a socially acceptable manner is difficult. A Job is vital for giving us the salary to run our home and meet our commitments. This is the frank reason for which a lift operator, housemaid, bus conductor and many of us work.

    Thinking of monotony and quitting a job for that reason is a luxury most people won't have. The work that helps us put the breakfast on the family's table will not be monotonous,

    We have to approach our work with the right effort and attitude it deserves, then we need to think of how to improve ourselves and our job satisfaction and move on. We have to be innovative, infuse a change in rhythm and pace of the work, take on new responsibilities and unique tasks, formally improve our skill set and knowledge related to work. This would help us to enjoy our job.

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    True that Jobs can become monotonous in some days, especially when you do it with same procedures. As the author mentioned, few works like household chores are repeated tasks, but it has to be done everyday. When it is about employment, we can switch, but it is not possible to home makers. They can't switch houses. But we need to learn from our moms, when we come across tedious jobs. Our mom will be doing same work for many years. Of course, they also fell tired and bored of it.
    Still, they find their own ways to take break and bring in some new inputs. May come up with new recipe, change the interior of house, bring in new organization and storage ideas. Some advanced home makers, will take more responsibility of home management and learn more in online bill payments, online shopping, blogging, food photography etc. They enlarge social circle and relax.

    Like wise, one has to try to bring in the changes in their work place on their own. Either take up new responsibility, extend social circle and have group discussions on advancements in their job, Can learn new methodology of what they are currently doing. Even reading the history of their job and people involved in the related sector will bring love and respect for their job.

    Else, these kind of people should choose jobs in art and mass/digital media, where each of their task differ from one another. But continuing in one job for longer time will help them to learn something deep from their work. That only let them to get advanced in that particular field.

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    In our country, the majority of the people have to accept whatever job they get. In very few cases. some may get the job in which they are interested. Whatever the case may be, we have to create interest in what we are doing. When the opportunity arises in a field which we like then we can switch over. Until then one has to create interest in what he or she is doing.
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    If people thinks that their jobs are desk top oriented and does not have the enjoyment as same has to be repeated again and again, then they can chose the marketing job of any product or service. Why because, you will be meeting cross section of people, would indulge in convincing and confusing and thus the public relation would increase tremendously and no marketing guy has ever reported that the job is boring. But they may fail to get the order or nod from the customers however marketing challenge is never boring. And one need not have experience to sell any product or service. Just on the basis of daily questions being asked one can improve upon self and be a best marketing person in due course. One thing is sure, if you are successful as a marketing person, then you are fit for any job assigned to you.
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    It is lack of interest which makes us change the job. There are many reasons to lose interest in the job. Staying in the same job may not be a reason. It is my opinion. I served in an Organisation for about 28 years in various capacities. I never lost interest in the job. We will get creative ideas to make us our job lively if we have a good experience in the same job. So here your interest and application are the two points which we should have to continue in the job. A bird in the hand worth two in the bush, If you change your job, to settle for that job you require much time to understand the new environs and to accommodate and adjust yourself to the new surroundings. The functioning methodology will be different. So you have to put in a lot of efforts to adjust and prove yourselves in the new job. If the same efforts and interest if you continue in your old job you can create wonders there. You have to think of shifting jobs only in case of higher earnings or not able to go with the people in the present organisation. But not having or losing interest should not be a reason for this.
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