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    A good change to see

    We all know that Muslims do their holy Namaz in Masjid which is lead by one of their male gurus. This is in practice since ages. Recently a woman named Jamida Biwi is the one who leads the prayers in Masjid.

    Coming to details, Wandoor, Malappuram District, Kerala, Jamida Biwi is given authority by Kuran Sunnath Society to lead the daily religious prayers in the nearby masjid. This is the first time in Indian history that a woman is leading the religious meetings in Masjids.

    According to Kuran Sunnath Society, "in Kuran it is mentioned as humans but not as male or female. So Kuran is not against Muslim women and everyone has equal rights" Hence they granted permission to Jamida Biwi to conduct the holy offerings every day.

    This is very positive approach and it is a welcoming change, especially in Indian society.
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    There is absolutely no doubt that the lady has taken a very courageous step. This step is very significant for the emancipation of the women of the community. But there has been strong protest also from a significant number of religious leaders of the community.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Welcome this decision to see a lady lead the prayers at a Masjid. Woman have ushered in a change in male dominated religious places and events. We have had news of women devotees being allowed to offer their prayers for the first time, have been heading important posts.

    Mrs Sarita Jain, this year became the first woman in a 1000 years, to be appointed as chief of the Mahamastakabhisheka celebrations at Sharvanbelagola.

    If there are women who fulfill the norms and or society accepts its, then we can modify old regulations and allow them also the serve in their capacity that the position requires.

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    This is an essential change in the community. We should appreciate the courageous decision taken by a lady and the other religious leaders who accorded permission to that. anyhow when there is a change in the practice it is common to have protested in our country. So we need not worry about that and other ladies should also start following her footsteps so that empowerment of Muslim ladies as advocated by the present government will come into reality. A welcome step and I hope this humble beginning will go along way and these religion ladies will also get the freedom like other religion ladies.
    always confident

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