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    How many days in a month?

    How many days do you think are there in an average month? Think of an answer, before you proceed.

    Ask anyone how many days in a month (I am not talking about specific months but in general) and the standard reply most often is 30 days.

    Strange is it not that most of us remain ignorant to the fact that only 4 months in a year have 30 days and the rest have 31 days, with the exception of February, of course. Only April, June, September and November have 30 days, yet we remain oblivious to the fact, which is so obvious.

    How many other apparent facts do we ignore? Can you identify any?
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    Irrespective of month name , we and the company normally calculate every month has 30 days for granted and the salary is fixed accordingly except the Feb and no one thinks beyond that.
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    Nice information. I got to realize this for the first time. But we got used it. And also, we generally round up to nearest 10's or 5's. Similarly, we would have got this practice. To ease the calculations for wages, salary and any other monthly payments this 10's is convenient. So, 30 days per month is a reasonable fact to be followed.
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    There are two reasons I assume:

    1. People generally round off the number while answering. 31 days or 30 days; rounding it off to nearest 10, the answer is even mathematically correct.

    2. It's just easy. Dividing 30 days instead of 31 days.

    Well...according to lunar calender a month was supposed to have 27 days with March welcoming a new year. It all changed with the advent of solar calender, giving us classic 365*1/4 days. This 1/4th day is the devil that causes many problems and irregularities in month's arrangement of days.

    Nevertheless it was an amusing thread.

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    In my opinion, it is taken as 365.25 divided by 12 which comes out as 30.4375, which is rounded off as 30 days. But I am not sure about this logic.

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    Yes, those are perhaps logical explanations to my question, but the fact remains that there are fewer months with 30 days. We have tricked ourselves into believing something that is so easy to disprove.

    I recall the nursery rhyme - "Thirty days hath September, April, June and November..."

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    I think is ingrained into our minds. That is the way we have been taught from a child. Similarly, we also learned 2+2 is four, if we all would have been taught that it is five, we wouldn't think of questioning it except for some inquisitive minds. Like the others have mentioned, perhaps we like simple figures/even numbers or rounded off numbers.

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    I have not research or checked in this matter before posting my response here. However, as per my knowledge goes, every month have actually 28 days. The rest 29-30 days has been added to all the month in which February get added +1 day in every 4 years to adjust the year of the day. This is what I have heard or know without going into deep research. I may or may not be correct. So, would like to know if what I know is true or false?

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    If the number of days in a month is considered
    as the criterion for considering a month as a 30' s group there is a mathematical backing. There are 365 days in a year, except in the leap year. When we divide it with 12 what we get is approximately 30.41, which is nearer to 30, not to 31. That is how the month is generally considered as a group of 30 days.

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    While replying the question - 'how many days in a month', we generally visualise the month as a 'lunar month' instead of one of the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar in which only 4 months have 30 days.
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    We measure the days as weeks, months and year. It is 7 days in a week. There is no dispute in this. Coming to months there are 12 months in a year. No dispute here also. A year is having 365 days. There is an exemption for this in a leap year. In a leap year, we will have 366 days. Basin on the facts I will say an average month will have 365/12 days. That is equivalent to 30.4167 days. This will be a correct answer. But to have a convenience the calendar is evolved in such a way that every month will have a fixed number of days and the total in a year will get tallied with the days of the year. But we have a mathematical notion that any number less than 5 after the decimal will be ignored and anything more than 0.5 will be adjusted to the next number. As per this practice, it has become a common habit to say 30 days in a month.
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    As the writer is concern about the average no,, of days then the simple formula would be the number of days divided by the number of Months, So the answer would be around 30.5 Days.

    But seems to be that we are on the way solving the puzzle. And this way we can have N numbers of options. I am looking for the best answer being chosen so that this could be settled.

    Pl. correct me if I am wrong.

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