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    Would you dare to take the dangerous amusement rides?

    Do you think it is fun to go on a dangerous amusement ride? What drives people to take on such rides? Share your personal experiences of such rides.

    There are so many amusement rides available. Of course, not all are dangerous. But these days more and more risky rides are available were the rides will take people to a certain height and then tilt or rotate etc. There will be security measures but still we cannot excepect hundred percent security. It is risky and dangerous yet many people take those rides and enjoy it. Some people try it even if they are scared and then faint or puke. Though such rides are risky and dangerous people call it fun.
    Will you take such amusement rides? I am not speaking about the small rides which has no risk factor associated. I am speaking about the ones that are really risky, which takes you to certain height and drop you down, or rotate completely 360 degrees.
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    Those who have the speed and height phobia would not dare to attempt such high risk rides which may even choke the heart of the riders and thus one should not venture into such amusement parks. The owners of such park wont guarantee the life not take any responsibility and it is purely left to the discretion of the visitors whether to play such high risk rides. And those who want to test the 360 degrees movement rides, surely they are going to vomit either during the rides or after that. It is therefore better to enjoy such rides when others are doing and who are habituated . When we are not familiar with speed driving, surely we will also fear for the joy rides of risky nature. And what is the big joke that the entrance ticket for such amusement rides are fixed so high that the visitors would get the heart attack on the price of the ticket itself.
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    True that there are highest thrill rides across the world. They are as dangerous as their thrill. But the percentage of people's excitement to try these rides are keep increasing only. Los Vegas Stratosphere ride is one of the top ten scary rides in the world. Irrespective of long waiting time, people patiently waited for hours to ride it. But it was too scary for me to see from distance itself.

    The Stratosphere hotel is one of the tallest building in the world, stands tall with 1149 feet height. It has three scary rides called Big shot, Insanity and X-scream. I found Insanity is more dangerous. It has it's open rider cars with safety belts and held with mechanical arm, which extends 64 feet out from the edge of building and makes the riders spin up to the speed of 3 G's at 900 feet height. The riders will be tilted at 70 degree angle to face the land, while spinning the thriller ride. Only the bravest can keep their eyes wide open.

    They say, they could see the beautiful view of city from that height, but one whose heart beat exceeds 100 per second, could not enjoy anything but only be praying to end the ride soon and return back home safe.

    There may be people excited to to try these rides and will be having a thrilling tale in their memories after they done with it. But only very few enjoy when they ride.

    These are kind of adventurous activity. Anyone who is interested can try for sure, but be aware of it's policy and exception rules like people above 75 kgs of weight, people older than 60 years, pregnant ladies, heart patient etc.

    The theme park or related management should take responsibility of the ride mechanisms. Regular inspection should be done frequently and maintenance holidays should be informed prior to the public.

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    Well rides in amusement park are made keeping the amount of g-force you can endure in mind. Even the most extreme rides, before beginning, are checked for any cracks or disfiguration. Well..some individuals do end up passing out or vomitting causing other passengers discomfort.
    But that just shows the individual's inability.
    I myself am afraid of heights and speeds. But I didnt puke in any ride . With age, with practice, we can defy our nature.

    If you're afraid that a ride would just disembody from its track, that's also not happening.
    Because unless and until all the parts are responding to the server, the ride cannot be started. It would send a different kind of alarm, analogous to siren to caution the operators and the ride is immediately stopped.
    So go ahead and have your adrenaline rush.

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    This may depend on the age and the mentality of the person. A young man with a lot of enthusiasm may undertake these adventures. But the aged people even though they have the enthusiasm may not be able to take up these adventures. I have seen some young boys will even not try scooter driving also with a fear of injuries. One of my cousin who is in his early thirties purchased a bike for his personal use and tried to learn driving the same. But during this training, he met with a small accident and he had a small injury. His father advised him to stop learning and the young man also preferred to stay away. That bike was lying in his house and his sister's son who was in SSC learned the driving and taken away that bike. So this is the individual who has to take a call on this and that depends on the mentality of the person. I generally will try to have the experience at least once. But now I have crossed that phase.
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    I think it's like any high-risk sport or adventure that people do for the special rush of adrenaline ( diving with sharks, big game hunters, climbing Mount Everest, freehand rock climbing). Amusement parks are hugely popular abroad and roller coaster rides are the star attraction. I personally feel the number of accidents or near miss would be underplayed. You can just see the videos of roller coaster accidents on youtube, it is scary.
    Why do people like it? It could be the thrill factor, the underestimation of risks, an inherent liking for extreme experiences or just being in the fun-filled, festival-like atmosphere, people lower their guard and accept the idea that it's fine and safe. Teenagers and young adults would probably do it for the first time experience and the few moments wherein they hurtle across at high speeds.

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