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    Your opinion: Is such strictness good or bad?

    On 7th February, 2018, the Xth Standard and XIIth Standard Board examinations commenced at Uttar Pradesh. But on the first day itself, a remarkable thing happened. Over 1.8 lakh students reported absent on the first day of the examination itself. Reason? The Uttar Pradesh State Government has taken very strong measures to stop copying and other unethical practises during the examination. Not only that, it has also been reported that a Special Task Force has arrested one Headmaster and two teachers who were helping the examinees to cheat.

    It is crystal clear that the present State Government has been trying with iron hands to clean the system. The degeneration in education in Uttar Pradesh caused by the previous Governments must be checked. However, some people are against such strictness.

    I wholeheartedly support the sincere effort of the Education Department of Uttar Pradesh. What is your opinion?
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    Cleaning of the education system is good. These types of unethical practices are never ever heard in the state of Kerala. That may be the reason BJP is finding it difficult to polarize the people of Kerala and get into the State Assembly.
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    In a recent discussion, you owned up to having cheated during your board exams and justified it as being a universal practice across schools in India. Now you support the decision taken by the Uttar Pradesh Government, to handle this menace.

    Cheating in exams should not be encouraged. Strict norms are essential to ensure that the calibre of students remains topnotch.

    Is it only for the Government to check such malpractices? What is the role of the school and the parents? Can they shirk their responsibility and blame it on an age-old practice or justify cheating citing time constraints in learning procedures? There cannot be a different set of rules - cheating is cheating. One cannot hail one form of cheating and term another an offence.

    I am happy that the UP Government is ensuring that there are no incidents of cheating during the exams.

    "However, some people are against such strictness." Who are these people? Can you elaborate?

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    Very interesting thread bringing out a very important issue of copying in the examination.

    It is very correct that due to lack of discipline and strictness in the system, this evil of copying has caught with the students very deeply and they will never study when this option is open to them.

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    Yes we have seen number of times how the mass copying were held in UP and I have seen one video where in a person reaching out to first floor through the drainage pipe and passing on the answer chits and mass copying takes place. This gives me great doubt that what the teachers are doing ? Are they not teaching to the understanding level of the students ? Or students of the view that copying would takes place certainly and they need not worry ? Nevertheless the Yogi government has now understood that the prestige of the state is going to wind and thus strict actions were initiated.
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    I read about this in the papers yesterday. It is quoted (in deccan herald) that around 5 lakh students have skipped exams in two days! Glad that the authorities are taking it seriously. Education is something that is important for everyone and marks scored decide what happens next in terms of higher education seats, college admissions, job allocation etc. Everyone including students, exam hall supervisors and the rest have to ensure that malpractice is not followed or allowed.

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    Even I support this strictness. Higher population and natural rebel found in the people living in suburbs are important reasons. Not headmasters even parents will support copying in order to get positive results. But at least in these days, they understand the importance of board exams.

    Disciplinary measures taken today will definitely support correcting things in the forthcoming batches.

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    Just now I have seen that a response to this thread mentions BJP, polarisation in Kerala, etc. Are all these relevant to this thread? Maybe I don't understand.
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    The news from UP claims that at least six lakh students skipped board exams in first three days. This news comes through the UP officials. According to the news this has happened owing to the strict measures taken by the state government against copying in examinations. This news shows that at last the UP government is giving time to the positive social work other than spreading religious hatred. UP has been infamous for mass copying and low level of educational standard.

    I hope that this will continue for other examinations also. If government is really serious to elevate the standard of education in the state, government has to eliminate corruption and mafia from the education department of the state.

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    The State Government has started doing the work. But the filth and garbage created by the successive State Governments for at least 15 years is not very easy to be removed. However, the effort of the present Government in health, agriculture, law & order, cottage industry, power and education is definitely praiseworthy.

    I am shuddering to think the standard of education in the state. More than six lakh student aren't appearing in the Board examinations! What did the successive State Governments do?

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    Being based in USA these days, I am not able to go through the media coverage of efforts taken by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to stop cheating in schools. However, I came across a news item published in the Washington Post dated February 9, 2018.
    Some of the highlights of the published news are as follows -
    1. On fourth day of the annual examinations, 661,643 students — around 10 percent of the total number enrolled — have failed to show up.
    2. India's hugely competitive examination system coupled with poor teaching standards in schools has seen the growth of a massive cheating industry in recent decades.
    3. In one school, a teacher was caught dictating answers to students, despite CCTV cameras being turned on.
    4. India's rapid development has seen a huge demand for college graduates in the past three decades.

    I am personally, dead against, the system of passing examinations through cheating.

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    Kailash Kumar welcome back after long time. It is the shame factor that the Washington Post has carried the news on students failed to show up in UP board exam is the issue for the country.
    K Mohan
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    The comments of Mr. Kailash Kumar prove that the issue of the shameful education system of UP (which the present Government tries to change) has reached the USA. The article in the Washington Post bears testimony to this fact.
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    What is happening in Uttar Pradesh also highlights the fact that people are corrupt. There is something missing and part of the responsibility lies with the upbringing. What are the parents doing? What are teachers and the school management doing?

    The problem is not just with schools and students – malpractices abound every sector. The Government should not have to be policing every little action but is forced into doing so, because individuals are irresponsible. It is people who fail the system, with their cheating ways.

    I remember the news reports on every television channel about 'babus' rushing to work on time, when the new Government came into power, in the centre. No more 'late-lateefs'. Why does it have to be the Government's responsibility to act like a headmaster? Why are people not more conscientious about their moral obligations? Does someone have to constantly remind people about rules? Should it not come from within? The problem is that people have no qualms about cheating the system and they make use of every opportunity they get that favours them. They also have the audacity to defend their unethical practices.

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    Cheating in examinations is only one example of corruption. I concur with the views of Juana that it is not only the responsibility of the Government to police all activities of the citizens.
    About 400 persons die daily in road accidents primarily because traffic police is unable to enforce traffic rules because of rampant corruption. On the pretext of checking vehicles on security grounds, they harass people and collect bribe.
    The list is endless. Professionals like doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants believe in evasion of taxes. Common man prefers to buy goods without cashmemo and thus become a party in the evasion of taxes.
    Now, imagine the scenario in which a student who has passed all examinations with the help of cheating, becomes the law enforcing authority.
    Incidentally, in Uttar Pradesh, during the tenure of Rajnath Singh as the Chief Minister, a law was made making the cheating in examination, a punishable offence. However, it was made a point in the next election manifesto and Mulayam Singh became the next Chief Minister who scraped the law as promised during election campaign.

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    It is good that the Uttar Pradesh government is focussing on the tightening of examination system in their State. All the other states should also take this as an example and see that the examination will be conducted in a correct manner so that correct students will get the distinction that is due to them. While facing the competition many private corporate schools for getting the ranks and grades are resorting all kinds of unethical practices and trying to show that they are giving the best education. So these type of checks will control those practices. So I appreciate the UP government for their initiative. Similarly, the corrupt practices that are going on in all walks of life should also be controlled with maximum efforts and see that the society will be a corruption free society and that will be the best gift these generations can handover to the coming generations.
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    More than it relate to teacher or Government, it relate to the mind set of people. The student should pass the exam anyway and any how approach is what the main problem of this entire issue. I don't know about now, but some years back, I was physically presence when a parents asked his son, )who was just coming after the exam)- Did you find out with whom the exam paper will go? Any one can easily find out how was the poor thinking of education with such remark. However, there are people who still believe in honest exam and do it with their hard work. And this is what the presence is getting so less.

    It is up to the people of UP, what kind of education they want to provide to their children is all depend on it. Unless the mindset of people change about education, unless the importance of education would get awareness to the people, the less presence would be continue.

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    Srinivasa Rao in #625966 has made quite an accusation on private schools, with his remark – "While facing the competition many private corporate schools for getting the ranks and grades are resorting all kinds of unethical practices and trying to show that they are giving the best education."

    In my opinion that is quite a scathing remark and needs to be substantiated with evidence. Which are these many private corporate schools who are getting ranks and grades while resorting to "all kinds of unethical practices". What are these unethical practices that have come to the notice of the author? It is in the welfare of his state and nation that he highlights these, so necessary action can be initiated.

    If there is no evidence then it is recommended that members refrain from making comments, which can be construed as falsely tarnishing the name of a group of people and specific organisations.

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    It is a very good deed by UP Government indeed. Taking strict measures to prevent malpractice, copying or any unethical practices is much needed. Children will also be sure that such practices aren't allowed and make them study or work hard. Even parents mindset will change with this move. I applaud the action taken by the UP government and it would be great to see such strict actions implemented by other states as well.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The headline "Over 1.8 lakh students did not appear for Uttar Pradesh board examinations on the first day after Yogi Adityanath-led government enforced strict measures to check copying" itself is good enough to explain the way the administration has been changed in positive way paving the way for an image that we were never expected. We don't see any politics now but the administration on job with something good being emerging. Although we are witnessing the above but one more thing got an attraction that encounter of criminals / goons that never happened in the previous governments. As per latest & so far "Over 900 encounters in Yogi Adityanath regime, 31 goons gunned down". On an average, three ambushes between police personnel and criminals have occurred on a daily basis with total encounters being in excess of 920 up to January 10 since the time this government got elected.

    It seems to that the justice has given a free hand to work & the result is good as even the political parties are not complaining or are silenced. I appreciate this government.

    Questions should be raised as why this didn't happened during the time of the previous governments.

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    The strictness shown by the Government machinery will definitely cause improvement in education in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This step must be complemented with a very active inspection of schoolteachers so that they don't play with the future of young students.
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    A very good effort made by up government. All students should understand cheating can only help you passing the exam but studying and attempting exam without cheating is the only way of being satisfied. I am totally shocked that such quantity of students was absent. But we can't totally blame students their teachers are also responsible for this. But I would support the government's decision.

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    I'm replying since this is the best answer #626030. This thread is about cleansing the image of the UP education department and not the police department.
    Since you've mentioned about crime and encounters, we have had similar stories in the past wherein many encounter specialists emerge within the force and after sometime some become like a double-edged sword, using fake encounters for personal gain. There would also be the issue of the human rights groups getting involved.

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