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    Super specialty government hospitals means all departments must work daily !

    In competition to the private hospitals the government also opened some super specialty hospitals to cater to the needs of the poor and the salaried class. But the so called super specialty hospitals are not having all the departments working daily and thus those patients who have multiple disease and want to consult doctors and made to visit again and again and we know the rush at the government hospitals and the time consumed for each such visit. Who will advise government to mitigate the problems of the patients ?
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    This is a self-made problem where the industry and the people are at fault. Today, everyone wants to see a specialist at the hospitals for every illness. This throws up a logistical nightmare.

    Where are the specialists going to come from to be present in all hospitals? Who is going to pay them? How are the specialists going to get patients everyday morning and evening? Hence having specialists in all hospitals would not be feasible practically and financially.

    The doctors for the common branches will be there in most hospitals, but a specialist would often share their time with 2-4 hospitals unless they are in a premier center for the district or state wherein they would be enough patients every day that would justify the resources spent on them. The best way forward would be to assess the supply and demand ration, work out the logistics and tailor the appointment and availability based on the regional needs.

    Unfortunately, this is going to get worse due to the shortage of specialists in various departments.

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    Very good issued raised by the author, In this regard the hospital management in their division should take care of all this because its not possible for the government to monitor all hospitals and find the solution. The hospital employee's must take some initiative and solve their problem. But in government hospitals its like searching a gold stud in ocean.

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    The government super speciality hospitals generally will have many specialists and they will be coming and treating the patients as required. But expecting a specialist for all small common ailments also has become a trend of the day. Another aspect these days is people lost confidence in graduate doctors and they want always postgraduate doctors only. It is like expecting a doctorate degree holder only to be a primary school teacher. This attitude has to go from the minds of the people. Otherwise, it will be a difficult situation even for the government to run so any speciality hospitals with all the specialist all the time 24X7. The government is spending major resources as remuneration to employees and to have furthermore and more employees, the taxpayer should be ready to pay further to the government as tax. Otherwise, where from the government can bring money to take care of all the people.
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    I am talking about cardiology department only present for just three days in week ? And how the employees patient would know the availability of the experts ?
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    In Govt sector, it is difficult to manage such hospitals because of lack of sufficient staff, doctors and over and above this shortcoming, poor governance and discipline.

    That is why such institutions only prosper in private sector but unfortunately, they charge so high that lower or poor class can not afford it.

    This is a funny situation and it is natural that we can not have the facilities of both the worlds.

    The only solution is either improving the situation in Govt sector or decreasing the rates of treatment in the private and both the options are equally difficult in our setup and systems.

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    The biggest thing is the attitude & the passion for work at all levels with a well focused proper services to the patients. The saddest part is that this is still not the part of any government institutions or the offices. The department authority along with the government keeps on changing & this limits the regulation at the lower level as well as at the management level.

    There is Red Tape System, the biggest drawback for any government institutions. From the gate keeper to the highest level & along with us are all aware of this but not able to do anything. Lack of facilities like the latest machineries along with the proper staff are not available.

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    For a Cardiology department, the hospital needs cardiologists.These specialists are further grouped into Non-interventional cardiologist and Interventional cardiologists (putting in stents, dilating blockages etc). ECG and blood tests will be done by the routine staff.
    So for an OPD to function, you need at least one cardiologist, a junior doctor(registrar), a nurse and the technician who can do or co-ordinate echo cardiograms and stress/treadmill tests.
    Staffing logistics and the cost of running specific departments is a concern in any hospital that wants to have specialists. As far as I understand, there would be eligible centers in larger Government hospitals or approved units in specific places but there would be some travel involved.

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