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    The Ayodhya Case In The Court Of Law....

    During my childhood days I was taught about why we refer to Ayodhya to Lord Rama & why we celebrate the Dipawali Festival. While in short, the Ayodhya is a Birthplace of Lord Rama & the Dipawali festival is celebrated on occasion of retuning to His own kingdom after completing the fourteen year terms of His Vanvasa.

    To the fact that we can't prove as we don't have the evidence to prove it other than the historical or spiritual books. This case is in possession in court because of the reason that there is found to be the remains of the temple beneath the land were the mosque was erected & is true as the historical facts also prove it. As the belief is not permissible as the evidence so we have to arrange for these remaining. It is sad that few got objections that of temple being there that they don't find it objectionable that once it used to be a temple there which had to be demolished in order for Moghul to build the mosque. It is also evident in the Mathura as well that the part of a land has been captured & erected a mosque by the invaders. Many more examples can also be given wherein the Indian Resources had completely been destroyed like also in the case of Nalanda University that was located the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India.

    It is sad that we are still politicizing the issue instead of ending the differences with the hard facts & planned efforts to this all get sorted out.

    We & the constitution of India are crying for Babri Masjid but not able to foresee the land & the temple which was demolished for constructing this mosque. To hell with the appeasement policy. Can't we say that we want result & we want justice? Pl. be united & raise your voice instead of discussing on news debates.

    It's enough & we can't just let our culture die a silent death while other belief getting powerful & ready for make us sleep forever. We talked enough.
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    Appreciation to the author for raking up important issue which was not allowed citing religious feelings. Only in this country the law, the selective thinkers wont recognise the importance of majority and start more worrying about the rights and privileges of minorities where as the history was not taken into account nor the sentiments of Hindus were not trusted. . And all along the majority community was exercising restrain and wants a amicable settlement once for all. But the courts and the religious heads are not interested to settle this matter and thus nagging attitude sets in giving enough reasons to frustrate the majority community,.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An average Hindu's cry is demonstrated in the thread by the author. I appreciate and stand by him. No one bothers about the temples spoiled by other rulers. But a single Masjid demolished that too by an agitating crowd is discussed years together and blame the entire religion for a single happening. The leader's never planned an attack on the masjid but it happened. I had been to Humpy in Karnataka. If you see the fate of temples and other sculptors spoiled and broken your mind will be in brief and you can't restrain yourself from shedding tears for the great monument today which is ruins.
    In Hyderabad near my place, there was a Ganapathi temple in the centre of the road. One day in the night shifted that temple to the roadside and none objected as it is for road widening. From that centre, in just 200 meters there was a Kaman. It was about to collapse but none should dare to touch that and no road widening took place there. One day night an accident took place and a lorry hit that Kaman but it was not collapsed but further weakened. So much agitation and even today that road is closed for heavy vehicles and the Kaman are protected with all support and all that. Why that much discrimination?

    always confident

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    Over the years, thousands and thousands of temple have been destroyed and desecrated by the hordes of attackers of two communities. Even after independence, many temples have been destroyed and desecrated in J&K and some other parts of the country. There is well-established architectural evidence of such heinous acts. However, in India, the pseudo-secularism has reached such a height that even discussion on this issue has almost been prohibited. The Hindu community wants three major temples to be handed over to them in Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura.

    At long last, the other community has understood the determination of Hindus and negotiation has been initiated in respect of Ayodhya Sri Ram Janambhoomi Temple. However, some short-sighted liberals and religious leaders are trying to vitiate the environment. The common Muslims are totally agreeable to a peaceful settlement of handing over the ancient temple to Hindus and constructing a mosque in a nearby land to be donated by the Hindus.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I guess you couldn't edit the v in Ayodhya in your title.
    I think, two issues for India where the end is not in sight without major collateral damage/fallout is the Ayodhya issue and the Kashmir issue.
    Both these dates back to the love/hate relationship between two communities since ancient times, the partition and its aftermath. So, both issues will be around with us for a long time.
    Any dialogue or negotiation is possible and meaningful only if both parties are ready to give and take. Only time will decide whether we have a temple or a mosque and how many people lose their lives in the process.

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    While I thank #626387 & I also have edited the word AYODHYA, but at the same time I don't agree that this date back to ancient times as this happened while we already entered in the modern times. No doubt that the Rama existed even before the Islam religion. There is no doubt that the temple existed & the same was destroyed before the Babri mosque was established. It's the extremism role on the Islam way that their theory doesn't adopt the existence of any other belief in whatever context. The other community must adopt to this change or else the same will get diminished as already forecasted that this country will otherwise will be the Islamic nation in the future. Surprisingly, few have started demanding for a separate nation as we come across during news debates.

    The need is to face the extremism with the same extremism only. & the same is also arising.

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