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    A play with only one man on the stage.

    It was a rare experience for those who gathered at the Changampuzha Park, Edappally. Hundreds of viewers were there to witness a drama enacted by a single person, but lasting for about one hour. At the same time nobody felt that only one person was there. The participation of others was through telephone calls.
    The stage was arranged as a study room of an elderly writer. His wife was no more and as a character her photo was placed on a table in his room, and the person occasionally talks with the photo. All other characters make their presence felt through their voices coming through the telephone.
    The name of the drama was "Innu" (today). The theme presented through the drama related to different socio - economic problems faced by the individuals of the present society. The narration of the play was well accepted by the audience, as indicated by long clapping given at the end. The method of presentation was a novel one and those who worked behind the drama were known artists of Malayalam film and mimicry field.
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    It is good that only one man enacting the entire drama for an hour on the stage. Earlier we used to see single portion action on the stage calling them as mono action. This mono action may go from ten minutes to an hour or so. During our high school anniversary day these were enacted by the students. They used to act a theme on the stage. It is nice to know such type of activities are going on these days also.
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    From the narration given by the author on solo performance of different characters by same artist is something extra ordinary and not every one can do such acts and that too live.
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    I can easily understand from the detailed description by the author that this was an excellent performance. The solo actors are always one notch above the general actors, and the theatre actors are always much better than the screen actors.
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    This reminds me of Rakugo in Japan.

    These kind of plays are both economic and entertaining. Anyone can afford a single player. Usually, in these kind of dramas the performer develops his own style. Moving the minimum. There are hardly any props.

    People of Kerala are very good at facial expressions, a crucial skill needed in this skill.
    But no matter how good they are, I can bet that Rakugo performers would beat them.
    Since you found this indigenous performance fascinating, I implore you to check out Rakugo too.

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    This thread brushes my memory of the English movie Phone Booth (2003). Of course, there are 2-3 key players along with the hero who is forced to stop lying and speak the truth only to save lives of many people. Most of the movie is about the phone booth and the actor on the phone conversing with a range of emotions.

    The have a play with just one actor and making it a success speaks volumes about the creativity of the people involved in the script writing, the actor and the courage to experiment new things in drama. To have a unique idea is not great but to transform it into a reality and pleasing the viewers like the author, needs skill and quality that needs to be applauded.

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