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    Wonders of our own country -1-Pillar without base grip

    India has many wonders in it and any of donot aware of them.
    In Andhra Pradesh, in Lepakshi temple a pillar was formed without resting on the ground
    This veerabadra temple aged since 16th century. Many visitors astonished to see this pillar and wondered by passing a cloth under the pillar.
    This place is located in Anantapur district.
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    Please the attached photo of the pillar

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    I had been to this place many times when I was in Hindupur during 1980s. Really a very good temple to see. An excellent exhibition of sculpture skills. How that pillar is standing is a wonder. There is a big Nandi also here.
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    Thanks to the author for bringing this unknown/lesser-known architectural wonder of ancient India to others. I would like to know the name of the place where this Veerabadra temple is located. He can also inform how to visit the temple from Hyderabad/Vishakhapatnam.
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    And people talk about seven wonders of the world. And the above one is not less than them in any class. One must appreciate the architect and Engineering marvel of those times.
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    Great architectural exaample that's a testimony to the construction skills and the engineering minds of the great architects of those ancient times. Such wonders do exist in India, it just needs to be highlighted.

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    A little research revealed some other facts. People may want to check the exact history of this unique phenomenon and the story behind it.
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    I have been keep seeing this post in social media but no clear details on it's location. This post, in addition to the picture, has details on it's year of construction and place of the temple. Thank you to the author for posting one of the wonders of India with basic details.
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    How it can be a wonder?
    The single piece carved stone pillar might have bolted at the roof, and hanging, due to the settlement of the floor.
    I would like to visit the place.

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    Our science & technologies were always far ahead then what we are witnessing in the current world. We just wonder because we never read about those simply of the fact that we were never taught so. And this happened because our school curriculum always consisted of the subject matter of the then existing political parties or of the British time.

    One example could be of Nalanda University, founded in the 5th Century BC & held some 10,000 students and 2000 teachers which is per records by Chinese scholar Xuanzang. The remains still can be found. The Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur, It features the world's largest stone sundial, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We even had devised the deadly weapons way back to the Mahabharat Time along with time which again way back to 7500 BC that we had planes but we were taught that the planes were invented by the Write Brothers in the previous Century. Surprisingly we believe so. The curriculum must be changed with involving our pride culture.

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