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    Finance Minister says financially we are No.1 in the World but there is no money to help Andhra

    As Finance Minister says India is growing rapidly and we are No.1 in the world as financially but it will take some more time to help Andhra Pradesh because we don't have enough resources to help financially Andhra Pradesh.Is Finance Minister know what he is speaking.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I think helping Andhra is slow because of the political decision was taken by the BJP party President Mr.Shaw and supported by the PM. So the Finance Minister couldn't do anything.This fact has come out when there was the discussion with BJP senior Leader Mr.Advani by the TDP leaders in Parliament. So the fact is that not having money is not the reason. The reason is not getting clearance from higher-ups. The Telugu people believe in faith in others. But this may not be correct always. What the MPs are doing now might have been done earlier. But with faith in the friendly party, the AP governemnt and TDP maintained a lot of patience in this aspect. Again for this attitude of BJP is also due to the unreliable ideas given by the leaders from Congress party before partition and later on politically rehabilitated to BJP to continue their political leader. It is a caution to the BJP that if they believe them the BJP will also become another Congress party for Andhra People. If BJP thinks that by taking these leaders to their party and by supporting Jagan they can win more MP seats, they will be deceived. I advise them not to be in those illusions.
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    I just cannot understand what the hell our FM is talking about. The FM must understand that the AP was virtually made to get out of the house with worn clothes and imagine how a state would start the life from raw. No funds from centre means then why they bifurcated the state and should have left the issue to the UPA when it comes to power. When the state was created, it is the centre responsibility to see that every thing is made new there and it should give all along the required financial assistance even before asking. When other states are getting their share from central pool as the routine, even that amount is not given to AP which deserves the most. So there is a reason for the political parties cutting across the party lines fighting for the prestige and position of Telugus in the minds of NDA government.
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    I'm not aware, hence, instead of blindly replying to this, can I ask the author, Is there a reference for this statement, I don't know how we are number:1 in the world?

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    When did the Finance Minister say that we (who are we?) are No. 1 in the world? And in which aspects we are No. 1? What is the relationship between being No. 1 and helping Andhra?

    For argument's sake, India is No. 1 in billiards and snooker. So does it mean that due to this particular reason, Government should help Andhra Pradesh?

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    Finance Minister says "I am pity and have so much sympathy for Andhra people but I don't have enough money to assist Andhra Pradesh it will take some time to assist Andhra Pradesh"

    On Begining of the Budget proceedings, He stated we are ranked (India is )No.1 in the world in terms of fastest Economic development.

    Why there are contradicting statements One time he is saying we are the fastest Economic Growth in the World and he himself will tell that we do have financial problems to assist Andhra Pradesh.

    Who Will Help? you will help !. Who will help the bifurcated state?Please read Article 4 of the constitution first.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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