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    Unfortunately the trend has come to run behind the Crow

    I am sure we all have heard or read this old proverb - "If anyone says that your ear has taken by the crow, will you check your ear or would run behind the crow"?

    Unfortunately, it has became a trend now to forward the video or message or post it in online which are controversial without even checking if what you are believing in that video/message is having any truth? Everyday you can found such message and video which goes viral and create differences between us. We do not even think twice how such message will create dividing feelings.

    How do you deal with such videos or message which you think create controversy. Do you forward it without knowing if it has any truth behind it or not? Personally, I have closed many such groups in social media where such message comes. I delete such message and tell such people or friend not send me this kind of message.
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    No. I will not forward or react to such a video without knowing the authenticity of the news. These days it has become a practice to make undue propaganda to such videos to make them popular without checking the correctness of the matter. I always object that and I never do further forwarding the same to somebody.

    Recently I made a thread based on a reliable news in the newspapers and the details of the investigation also published. But it was deleted thinking that I have given the news without proper reference. From then onwards I have become more particular about the correctness of the news. WIthout confirming that I will never encourage spreading of the rumours.

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    Nice to see your positive response Mr. Rao. However, there are bundle of so called educated people who think they have the only right call themselves patriot but do not leave a chance to modify the statement into their favour and circulate such message. I feel such people are more dangerous for our country than the enemy who are outsiders.

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    Some videos are destined to be watched, appreciate and then move away. If we start sharing such stuff, we are on the radar of the law enforcing agencies for spreading false videos of no use. Better to desist from such fake videos which has no value in real sense. Yes there are some groups which has the access to our social media handle and post the videos, once habituated we do visit the site again and again and even tempted to share to the friends and there lies our restraint attitude. If we share even one to others, it will spread like wild fire and the law enforcing agencies are having tow on false propaganda videos and news.
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    We cannot control the origin of such videos or images but we can certainly stop it from spreading. It is our moral responsibility to delete such and in the groups we are active, we can request others to do the same.
    It is very tempting to forward these things but the ripple effect of these are felt later on.

    Recently, I got video clipping from a local TV channel that 6 national banks will be amalgamated, but it was false, I just deleted it. Just this evening I got an image forwarded with the caption' It takes an 11,000 crore shrink to divert the attention from a girl's wink'. I just deleted it. So, we can do if we want to.

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