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    Difference between Affect and Effect

    As parts of speech we all come across these two words, Affect and Effect. Though these words have a difference in a single alphabet, the meaning, situation, and part of speech changes. Sometimes people find it hard when and which word to use to aptly describe a sentence or expression. Simply describing them as a verb (affect) or noun (effect) may not justify the answer completely.

    I would like to put a discussion with my fellow ISCians who can explain the difference and also give examples in the form of sentences which has both words or which explains both words. I would like to see an explanation of the examples you give and where these two words will fit into that example.
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    The word effect is used as a noun. The affect is generally used as a verb. This is used as an action word.Affect can be used as a noun in some instance wherein the facial expressions are described. The word effect is used as a noun generally. We can be taken it as an event. It can be used when we are talking about a result.
    Ex.The young man got affected due to the illness. He took his wife's death with little affect. The weather conditions will have a say in affecting the result.
    The wrong medication had an effect on the person very badly. The cause and effect are very important to understand the situation correctly.

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    Affect is verb and effect is a noun. Affect has a negative connotation. For example: The illness affected his performance in the examination.
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    As correctly pointed by you, the word 'affect' is a verb. Verbs are action words; hence the word 'affect' should be used to highlight changes that occur.

    On the other hand, the word 'effect' is a noun, remember nouns = name, place, animal and thing. Since the word 'effect' is a noun, it is a thing. It is what happens.

    So, the word 'affect' is a verb that produces a change. It makes the change happen.

    Conversely, 'effect' is the change. It is what happens, as a consequence of actions. It is what happens as a result of something.

    Here is a trick that will make it easier for you to remember which word to use.

    1. Remember verbs are action words and 'affect' starts with an 'A'. Use the word when describing an action or acts
    2. And 'effect' starts with 'E', so use the word to describe an event, experience, an episode or an effect

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    Affect and Effect can be hard to tell the difference because many people pronounce them similarly. Affect is usually verb and Effect is usually noun. They are homophones like compliment/complement, their/there, then/than, here/hear,.. etc. Affect basically means to have some sort of power over something to make some sort of change. If something affects someone or something then the result of that is the effect. Lets try to understand with an examples of both words : It had an effect on me. It affected me. Context is everything that is around the word. So "affect" to influence something, "effect" is the result or what the influence has done to something or someone.

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    Often people use affect and effect as interchangable words, I've also done this in the past. I think when are in a quick conversation, this mistake happens but when we type or write down, then we are watchful of the correctness of its use. As said by many effect is a noun impling a result and affect is a verb impling a change/impact.
    The sudden financial loss has affected Shyam badly, its effects can already be seen by his close friends as mood changes and depression.
    The heat wave has affected entire North India, because of the effects of extreme heat, people had to be hospitalized.

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    The difference is already made clear by the members. Let me add a few examples.

    Poor studies affected his performance in the exams.

    The effect of poor studies on his results was visible.

    The drought has affected the crops badly.

    The effect of drought on the cereals has created the shortfall in the target.

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    "Affect" and "effect" are two of the most commonly confused homophones in the English language. Homophones are words that are pronounced in the same way but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

    'Affect' is used as a verb & 'Effect' is used as a noun.
    Affect can either mean "to influence" or "to act in a way that you don't feel."
    Effect typically means "a result or a consequence."

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    Effects are the consequences of a particular thing and Affects are the things that affects you.
    eg: effects of unemployment:
    eg: cheated by someone really affects someone
    the weather will affect my plans for the weekend

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    Though the two words sound identical, the meanings are completely different. The word "Affect" means something like bad impact on something, i,e, damage or devastate, but another word "Effect" meaning influence, i,e, it refers to the term Consequence.

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