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    Dormant volcano within ourselves

    Many of us have a dormant volcano within us which explodes sometimes depending on situations. This can be both in a positive sense as well as negative sense.

    By positive sense I mean sometimes a lot of talent, unfulfilled desires and emotions lie hidden within us and we are too shy and hesitant to display it in public. But our heart is constantly pounded by these hidden traits which always want to come out to the world. It is like a river with the strong current which is stopped by a dam but when current overshoots the limits dam gate has to be opened. Depending on environment and situation such persons may find a dormant volcano deep within themselves erupt. When this happens they forget all their hesitations and shyness and come out of their shell to display their hidden talents to the world.

    For example, a person who has singing as his passion and is hesitant to perform in front of public will find himself humming and tapping his feet when some other singer sings his favorite song on the stage. He will feel deep urge within him to perform and if his volcano erupts he will run on to the stage and start singing in front of the people.

    If we talk about this in negative aspect sometimes there are people who are introvert and try to keep everything to themselves. They are quiet, never get angry, never share their sorrows and difficulties in life with others and always like to keep things to themselves. So such persons also have a dormant volcano within them as slowly frustration will build up within them as they do not let it out. So sometimes in extreme situation when things go outside their tolerance capacity such persons will display a very vigorous outburst of anger and pent-up emotions to the world which is like a volcano erupting.

    So as humans it is natural that sometimes people will have dormant volcanoes within them which may erupt at times.
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    A very good post and very well explained. Many of us will have a lot of thinking about various aspects and we want to show our true potential always. But because of various reasons like the way in which they brought up, how they were tuned and other aspects all may not be able to give out their best always and they will remain as it is by hiding their talents. But in a particular situation wherein, they were getting full support to perform at the full level and show their talents. Then they can't be stopped. Always t is a fact. In some organisations the people who are performing well will be suppressed because of their own reasons and such people will vent their feelings without hesitation when a chance comes and never care for their continuity there. So keeping the volcano always inside is not good for health also. We should come out one day or other.
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    Humans are born with emotions, some express it openly and some don't. However, one should not keep anything in mind and keep thinking about a matter. One should express it. Its like a dam as author has pointed out that hold the emotions to flow as long as they can. But, sometimes the level of acceptance cross the limit and this is here we burst out.

    May be this is why we asked to write a diary so that everyday's thought or emotions comes out in written and keep us calm and peaceful.

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    Nice observation from the author. Yes every one has the dormant volcano within us and wont let it go unless and until we are peeved, challenged and humiliated by others and in that vengeance we try to perform outsmarting even our own expectations. And those who have the dormant volacano they should remove that some time or the other , otherwise it will give negative results and may render the person insane. The heart cannot with hold the pressure of such humiliation and hence needed to be attended. That is why people ask us to cry loud when we confront with worst crisis, sad moments and challenging moments in life.
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    A nice concept, many times we want to speak our mind but given the situation, our polite nature we ignore the wrongdoings, insults, inappropriate criticism of others and suppress our anger or desire to speak out our minds.
    But at times when things are beyond our control and when the emotions get better of us, we burst open like a dam that surprises even the tormentors.

    Similarly, we would have some hidden skills and streaks of creativity a shy but good bathroom singer, a person with good writing skills, will underestimate him/herself and keep their true ambition also deeply buried. But at difficult times and changing scenarios, they come out in the open with confidence and perform in talent shows, write a book or outshine in a difficult career because once they start, they put their whole heart and efforts into it.

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