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    Wonders of our own country -2-woderful drawing

    India is famous for its drawings and arts. An art drawn in years back we can see directly as well reverse.
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    Attached is a sample.

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    Very nice. The drawing excellence. Once side it shows a man and on the reverse, it shows another man. A very good talent shown by the artist.
    In Andhra Pradesh, there is a village called Ryali. In that village, there is a temple. The main idol from the front view is the front view of Lord Chenna Kesava Swamy. If you go and see the back of the idol is the back portion of the Jaganmohini, the lady who distributed Amrut to all the Devathas. The Sculptor is such an attractive piece of work we can't stop admiring the artist for creating such a great idol. There are many such artists in our country who were encouraged by the kings of yesteryears. We also heard of a person who made a saree of 6 meters length that can be accommodated in a matchbox. Such talented people are there in our country who are not in the limelight because of no encouragement.

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    If you expand the narration mentioned in this beautiful depiction two images in single drawing, the first one is the character of Kaikei when she was furious ans ask for the boon to be implemented and the other one of is of Dasarath Maharaj who was seen with catch 22 situation as he has to part with Rama for the 14 years exile. The feelings of Raja without the head gear was nicely shown in the picture which was the tilt upside down of the first image. Such artists are rare and we do have such images often coming in the print media. Anyway my appreciation to the artist and also to the author for bringing this rare image for every one to enjoy and appreciate.
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    A wonderful piece of creativity that needs a lot of talent, skill, and imagination to conceptualize the idea and then bring it out in a way that it amazes the viewer. One image becomes another when held upside down.
    I have heard of 'Anagram' words, a unique style in which a word is written in a way that it reads the same even when held upside down. The first time, I'm seeing such a drawing/art sketch.
    Another similar art that I admire is 'ambiguous images', these are two images in one frame, depending on how the viewer perceives it, one would see one first and then realize that there is a second image.

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    Although I am not able to read what is written in the painting, I am fascinated by the creativity of the artist who has drawn this anagram type painting. Is the name of the artist known to the author?
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    @Partha Ayya The name of the artist was mentioned in the picture. It had been drawn by Vattaadi Paappayya.
    Rest of the explanation about the art was given by Mohan Ayya in his comment.

    I too thank the author for bringing up the artistic wonders with details Thank you. Wish too see many more such threads.

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    Thanks to Srimathi for referring the elders or seniors of her age as Ayya in Tamil which is equivalent to Sir in English. Such new thoughts are always welcome.
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