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    Do you still write letters to your friend and family?

    No, I am not talking about e-mail or sent by any any digital devices. I am talking about the manual hand written letters which we used to send to our friend and family by Indian Post.

    The trend to write a letter is almost gone now. I remember, it was during 2009-10 when I wrote my last handwritten letter to my parent. My mother was too old and could not able to hear through phone. So, until I brought her to me, I had to write a letter to her every week. To tell her my whereabouts and my news that I am perfectly fine. For, other family members, I use to call as how we do now.

    It would be interesting to know if anyone still write the letter. If not when was the last time you wrote it?
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    I haven't written letters which are mailed by the post office for more than a decade. My last known letter through the post was to my friend in the year 2003. But I do slip some surprise letters to my wife at home. I will write a letter and keep her at a place such that it is not a commonplace of sight (at home). Writing on a paper is really a nostalgia for me. But with modernization and technical development, we send such letters digitally through email or messaging apps. Some people still send letters even though they have many technological benefits and I guess it is a good practice.
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    Frankly speaking I have ended writing letters to family and friends in the year 1985 itself when I returned to Hyderabad from Delhi. However I was writing frequent letters, doing money orders, sending telegrams all the five years from 1980 to 1985. But later on the charm of writing letters ended as I was with the parents and family members and also moving with the friends in Hyderabad. Yes letter writing is the great experience and within the short space we should convey the feelings and that with guarded words as the receiver should not feel that we are missing them.
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    No. I don't write any letters to any these days. Emails, SMS, Whats App messages or mobile calls.These are the ways I communicate with my relatives and family members. I used to write very regularly to my parents and I used to receive letters from them. But I remember the last letter I have written is almost 10 years back. From then onwards I started contacting my parents over the phone every day and the other family members through WhatsApp group communication. All friends are in touch with me through WhatsApp or mails. Nowadays the letter-writing habit is almost stopped by the majority of the people. But the letter reading gives more happiness as we see their handwriting which is the specific characteristic of the individual. That human touch is missing in all other communication methods except by talking over the phone.
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    I used to write letters regularly till the mid-2000s. But after adding STD facility in the telephone of our Kolkata residence and the mobile call-charge became affordable, I have stopped writing letters. But now I understand that I continued letter-writing till very recently compared to the other Members of ISC.
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    I had discontinued writing manual letters long back and now everything is either email or directly talk on the phone.

    Interestingly when we send some important documents or papers to our friends or relatives then also we are not writing a letter. What we are doing at the most putting a slip that we are sending the papers as required or something like that and sending it.

    The habit of writing a letter in a formal way is almost disappeared from the scene and totally obscured by the digital age.

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    I am still writing letters (after a gap of few years), although not very frequently but on special occasions. I wrote a 2 pages letter when I posted rakhi to my brothers staying in Jaipur.
    Very recently, I wrote a letter to my close friend staying in Gurgaon with her family. It was her birthday. I wrote about many special moments we spent together when we were in the hostel. We spent 14 years together in the hostel.
    For me, telephonic communications are for conveying information only. We cannot express our emotions on phone calls and written letters are the best options for that.


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    No I don't write letters at all. I don't even remember when was the last time I wrote a letter to someone. With messaging and phone calls, it has become easier to convey our messages and regards sitting at one place and hence nobody takes the pain of writing the letter, going to the post office and positing the same.

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    True that many are not writing hand written letters these days. Even I am not a frequent letter writer. After sms and email, but I love letter writing. Still, I remember a letter to my friend, I wrote that letter in my school days, to my friend, who left the school in the middle, to join a new school in a different city. This was the last letter I sent through postal service.

    We stay in US now. Me and my husband have the habit of writing letters to our parents. We don't send these letters on regular basis. When there is a need to send any documents, we both write a letter each to our parents, and send them along with the documents. Though I speak with my mother everyday, I find a lot more to write on the letter. I get emotional, when I write, "please take care of your health amma, I come back soon and let's have good time together". Writing letter is special.

    I also know the pleasure of reading a letter from our loved one. I received letters and sent letters to my husband when we were apart. Of course, we share letters along with other documents only. Still, we never missed the chance to write a separate letter to be posted along with other papers. Now, we are reading it together and feeling extraordinary joy.

    Still I have the habit of giving greeting cards and I express my feelings, wishes and love in my own words in those cards.

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    Nice to see that even some of us still write manual hand written letter. True, what you can't say while speaking over phone, you can easily and comfortably write down in a letter.

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    I was very poor at writing letters even earlier. When I was a student, attending to my PG course, I had to stay in a hostel. Actually it was the time I started writing letters. Naturally it was for contacting my parents, since I was away from them for the first time. Slowly I started writing to my brothers and friends. I continued this for years, however, comparatively the number was less. Officially I had to write to different letters.
    Now when the Net facility and e-mail id got established many of the letter writings got replaced with modern amenity. Now the Mobile with net and whatsApp facility further reduced the letter writing. Still sometimes I have to depend on the black and white usage.

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    I used to write letters until 1998-1999 to correspond with friends abroad. Then things changed drastically. I still remember the favorite line of mine (taught by my teacher). 'Trust that this letter finds you and family well and healthy'. Getting a letter from a pen friend those days was a great thing that I used to be very happy about.

    I collect some old letters, letters from soldiers during world war I and II are the most poignant ones, wherein they describe the strange land and the about suffering and how they miss their loved ones. Letter writing is an art that has literally died a slow death and we console ourselves by saying that emails have replaced letters.

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    Only in the remote areas wherein the technology are still far behind, there might be a possibility that this may exist. But the good thing is that cheap mobiles are now available with lowest of calling charges that this could even lesser then the cost of hand written letter will cost you when this reach to its destination . In the whole cycle the time is also a matter.

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