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    The country is paying the price

    Today morning, just before 5 a.m., three-four JeM terrorists launched a suicide attack at the Sunjuwan Army camp at Jammu. So far a JCO and an Army Officer have been martyred. The terrorists have been holed in a building inside the camp. It has been stated that the purpose of the terrorists was to take hostages. It has been further stated that these terrorists had remained in the neighbouring Rohingiya refugee camp and recced the Army camp properly before launching the attack today morning.

    We are allowing Rohingiya criminals to settle around the Army camp. The State Government is lodging FIR against an Army officer who had to give the order to shoot in self-defense. We are ridiculing our own Army. An MLA is shouting ''Pakistan Zindabad'' inside the Assembly.

    How long do we have to tolerate these pseudo liberals and pseudo seculars? Hasn't the country paid enough price?
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    The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is very volatile and what is the use of we discussing this core issue when the Central government ceased off this matter and never control the state. And on the part of state, it must understand that they are in India and we are paying their salaries and how come the MLA raise Pro Pakistan slogans which is against the India interest. Forthwith that MLA should be arrested for anti India activities and also take the state government to act otherwise President rule is the best way to control as we are loosing the army personnel for no fault of them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The situation is deteriorating in Jammu and Kashmir. The central government or State government is not able to control the situation for the reasons well known to all of us. In our country. We never bother losing our Army persons. But we are more worried about the terrorists or anti-nationals getting killed. Why we should allow Rohingya criminals to settle around the Army camp. It is ridiculous to have the MLAs who are not the loyal to the country they belong. As long as this type of politics remains in the country we will be paying the price and I feel the central government should act tough and see that things are on track. This is very bad to note that we are losing our people.
    always confident

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    Time has come to take a hard decision. President's rule must be imposed in the state. Anti-national politicians must be thrown into jail along with the human rights liberals. The military has to be given full power to deal with the external enemy as well as the internal enemy as it deems fit. The financing of the terrorists must be choked in collaboration with other nations. No soft touch is required and should not be provided.

    Furthermore, Article 370 must be repealed and if necessary, the demographic profile of the state must be changed.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The biggest drawback of this India Subcontinent is that we are not united. Anything happens then there is going to be more beliefs then expected. It's not possible to go along with everyone. This becomes our biggest weakness. The sad par is that we are still not able to define the color of terrorism. So what to expect.

    In the current scenario there will be views in which human rights commissions would also wake-up & cry for the killing of innocent terrorists. Opposition parties will never support as they are all against the current elected government. Adding the pseudo liberal gang would raise their voice. So where the heel we are united. These occasions just gives each of us to be in news & politicizing the case rather than make the difference.

    India has remained the soft target for extremism forces & if we are still not awaken then prepare to die for what we had to do but never initiate the steps as always wanted others to initiate. This continues....

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    We are witnessing a persistent escalation of such attacks against our security forces. Sadly lives are lost at regular intervals to such attacks, and we have unpatriotic elected people chanting such slogans.
    Can we build a wall along the border with Pakistan (barring the inaccessible areas)? Can we push for international sanctions against Pakistan for supporting such terrorist attacks?

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    Latest update: Total six persons died. Out of these six, two are soldiers and four are civilians (relatives of the soldiers). The four sub-human terrorists have been eliminated. Huge amount of ammos and explosives have been recovered.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Now that the attack is over, there are reports about evaluating the security arrangments of the Army Camps and strengthen them so that future such terrorist attacks don't happen in the army's backyard.

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