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    Who are the members who has done this "double" in ISC!

    In cricket when someone one takes 100 wickets and complete 1000 runs, its called "double" and it goes on like 200 wickets and 2000 runs and so on. Here, in ISC I am talking about 1000 forum post and 2000 forum response. I am here since so long but I could only post 665 forum thread before this thread and posted 3775 forum response.

    I am curious to know how many member has done this. Indeed, its need time and the mind to think about every new thread and responses. Hat's off to such dedicated members who has so much enthusiasm to post continuously a new thread.

    Members can post here there this "double" achievement.
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    I have no count of my postings are res[onses. I even don't know how to keep a track of the same. Some days before Mohan also told that he has posted 50,000 posts. I am not able to understand how he is maintaining the count. If there is a way to know that I request them to share on this site so that I will also make a count of my performance.
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    I have posted 7482 threads so far and earned 31032 points from them , like wise I have posted 50189 responses so far and earned 136250 points so far. And by the way the total number of posts in ISC so far stands at 157203 with your post and you can calculate my contributions in that.
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    My data -
    Forum - 1396
    Forum Response - 10556

    Dr. Rao (#26009) -Please visit your profile page and click on 'Contributions'. You will reach the 'Score Board' having such statistical data.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Just now I have checked my own. I have so far posted 1221 Forum posts and 7873 responses. The present response is my 7874th response.

    But I do know that there are many Members who are much, much ahead of me.

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    Thank you, Mr Kailash Kumar, Just now I have verified the contributions page and seen the statistics,
    So far I have posted 1172 threads and 15965 responses. This the 15966 response I think. So I can say I have done the double on ISC. But many other members might have much better statistics I think.

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