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    Why the Math subject is hard for some student

    I remember, I was very-very weak in Math during my school days. Remembering the formulas was the most toughest task for me. It was not that I was not good in study, I was better than average in all the subject but wondering why "Math" was not going well with me.

    I only know how I had passed the 10th board exam in Math. I had literally calculated that how much I could get my marks easily and work hard accordingly. I was the first student who handed over his math paper in exam hall. I touched only those question where I knew will get the pass marks. Because the rest questions were always such which used to go always over my head.

    How come some students are too good in math? Is there any scientific reason?
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    For most of the students maths is the hard and boring subject and me too. What I feel that unlike other subjects we cannot remember the narration or the formulas there off and thus remembering the workings in sequence may not be possible and thus would score less. And we have the fear with the maths teacher to seek any doubts or clarification and thus those who are bright from the beginning would scored the best and would excel. And what is more disturbing that when we go well prepared about some sums and formulas, that wont come in the exam and thus our whole hard work gone waste.
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    As far as I am concerned I am good at maths and I always scored more than 70 % in maths in Intermediate, SSC and B.Sc. I used to answer the maths better. I was good at chemistry. Then Mathematics and last is the physics. For me, Physics is the tough subject. I was always thinking of somehow clearing the subject without any problem. But fortunately, I got more than 60% in Physics also in my B.Sc and Intermediate also. In Chemistry, I scored 75% in my B.Sc and Intermediate also. I used to spend more time in studying physics subject and less time for the other two subjects. I used to go to my Physics lecturer who used to clarify my doubts in my graduation.
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    It is only natural that some people are having special interest in selected subjects only. Certain subjects are tougher than others. But this will vary from individual to individual. Mathematics is generally considered as tough by many. One of the reasons for this is the way in which it is introduced in the primary classes.
    Another reason is the inability of the teacher who handle the subject in the class. The teacher himself would not have studied it, clearly understanding the concept. Naturally he cannot introduce it clearly.
    Personally I am a mathematician (to be specific, a Statistician), just because of some of the teachers who taught me. Of course I liked the subject when it was introduced by them with specific examples from life. Together with that I did all my home works independently.
    Moreover my parents insisted to chant the multiplication table from 1 to 16 every day together with the evening bhajan. The limit 16 is because during those days the English system of money (rupee, Anna, pai) were in use for cash transaction. (12 pai is one Anna, and 16 Anna is one rupee).
    It is mainly the early starting style of learning the subject which makes one like the subject.


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    Mathematics, like any other subject, can be mastered if a student has interest in it and practises regularly. He/She must understand the basics. I could understand the basics and practised it hard, thanks to my parents, but I didn't have much interest in it. Although I scored more than 90% in my Xth Standard and later studied this subject, this subject has never attracted me.
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    Nothing is hard or easy but rather it's a matter of interest. If you are interested then you got time to spare & then you have alternative ways of doing it. This directly confirms that you have different other ways of doing it. For example, few are good in cooking but I am still nowhere.

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    Like in studies or sports some would excel, some would be weak in a few. I feel, at least at the school level, maths is taught with steps to arrive at the answer and we do similar examples, but some of us (including me) don't understand how we get the answer. We also need to have a head for numbers and stepwise analysis to be good in Maths. But at the end, how much of it is that we use in day to day life and professional work (apart from the teachers, scientists and analysts)?

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    Maths is very interesting subject and I can say that it is scoring subject. You can get full marks in Mathematics. I agree with you that some students generally have maths phobia. I am a teacher and can say that those students have the weak base. Their concepts are not clear about the subject. Your concept of plus-minus for solving (adding and subtracting), multiplication and division must be clear to get success and good marks in maths. So, understanding concept carefully and practising are the key factor to get good marks in maths.
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    Mr. Sankaran, I agree with you when you say inability of a teacher. My Math teacher in school throughout from 6th to 10th was only one. And he has special attraction towards me and knew I was weak in math. So everyday when he enter the classroom, he announce my name and made me to stand up to answer those question in which I was totally zero. This has made me to run away from math and I blame to teacher about it. For one single year we had a different math teacher and I got reasonably very good mark on that year which was my record mark in math so far.
    The same teacher has announced that he will leave teaching math if I could able to bring the pass mark in 10th final exam. It is different that he had to eat his own word later and changed his statement saying that he wanted to motivate me and that is why he had said like that.

    So I agree the student is as good as teacher.

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