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    Why there is no coordination between civic authorities, MRO and Sub Registrar ?

    When you purchase a plot or house or even a apartment in a mega city, it is worth to verify the documents and also see whether the subject property is free from all litigation , claims and above all is that having permissions. But when you visit registration office , they are ready to register even without asking for the necessary documents. For them registration fees is important. For MRO if the said property is not government land they wont interfere, and for the civic authorities if the said property is not located on the road or park they are not interested.
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    It is correct that the responsibility of verifying the authenticity of the documents lies with the purchaser. That is why when you go for a bank loan, the bank Lawyer will go and verify all the records online and also take the encumbrance certificate by searching the full history. Then only they will clear the loan for that particular site.
    If the government has to take that responsibility it will become very difficult for them to manage the issue. As long as the people don't have ethics and morals, no government can ensure fair transactions. The seller who is selling the property will know the details of the land and he should not try for any malpractice. But we the people of India will not bother for these things and our ultimate aim is to accumulate wealth somehow. In such case expecting everything from the government has become the habit for a common man who can't do anything against the people who are deceiving him in all respects.

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    When the Municipality takes the taxes, it must ensure clarity of the property, when the MRO gives accent to the property that it is not required for any public purpose , then land use certificate should be given forthwith. But nothing such happens.
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    There are so many examples wherein the same property is sold and registered for many buyers. We all believe so much in the Khatha, but the Khatha does not guarantee that you are the owner of the site or house.
    The registrar's offices in many places break and bend many rules like witness signatures, cash transactions etc. The inter-related offices often stay separate when it comes to their own work and act ignorant about other aspects, maybe they don't want to take an extra headache or if a problem arises in the future, they can claim that it is not their fault and pass the buck to the other office.
    So, in India, the onus lies on the buyer finally because everyone will wash their hands off if there is an issue, the buyer has to gather as many documents as possible, pay all the taxes, sometimes vacant site tax an hope that nobody else claims it.

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