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    The new system of diet these days.

    In both the Telugu states these days the new diet system for weight reduction is getting very bid affiliation. Many people started following this. They stop taking carbohydrates completely. The weighed quantities of Fat, vegetable without any carbohydrates. They have to consume every day minimum 4 lemons. 70 grams Fat. Oil can be used for making vegetable items. But these oils should be from unrefined oils only like Olive Oil, Coconut oil, ghee etc. They should eat only when they feel hungry. By doing like this the fatty accumulated in the body will get dissolved and the weight will be reduced drastically. The people say they lost almost a Kg per day and they have become very active they say. Now, this is the hot topic around.
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    What our elders have followed all these days and which we have not cared has once again become the reality as regards to dieting is concerned. In those days lemon rice was prepared daily as the morning snack and that will maintain the body and remove the waste from inside. By afternoon one would feel like having sumptuous meal. Like wise a mixed curry called avial is prepared in South periodically using the coconut oil and thus the meal would not only be tasty and keep the person trim and light the whole day. Therefore this is not new for the old generation of finding on how to get slim and loose weight
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If people are following this in large numbers in a particular area or state then it is really a thing to learn and copy.

    People are today ready to do anything for weight reduction and if many people follow this method then naturally others will also be motivated and soon we can have a campaign at national level. Looks like wishful thinking but could be true in near future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many diet plans in circulation in the social media. If these were successful and permanent then there wouldn't be obesity around for us to see and for people to suffer.
    The true proven facts are, i). to lose weight we have to burn more calories than we ingest and ii). sadly this is reversible. The second part is more important because it means that the moment you stop the process, the weight starts to creep up again.
    The concept sounds similar to the Very low carbohydrate Atkin's diet. In a low carbohydrate diet, the principle is that once sugar is not available for the body's daily needs, the fat (that is already stored in the body) would be broken down for glucose.

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