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    Where does the arms race lead us to?

    Today every country is manufacturing arms and ammunition and whatever it is not able to make indigeniously is being imported from some developed country.

    The blind race for acquiring the latest arsenals is in full swing and in spite of world peace groups, anti nuclear forums and UN efforts in the direction of disarmament, nothing fruitful emerging to check this dangerous game of acquisition of arms and weapons.

    With this where we are heading to and where it will eventually lead us to? Can you share your views?
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    When a country starts progressing stead fast, surely the enemy countries want top jeopardise the effort through various means and thus it has become imperative for any country to have best arms to combat the attacks and safeguard the citizens from external forces. The so called super powers in the world are thriving with this weakness and India is also falling prey to their gullible marketing strategies. And what more interesting that those countries are selling such arms and ammunition which are out dated and lost importance elsewhere in other countries. Henceforth India should manufacture our own ammunition. and supply to the world
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    As long as a threat exists every country wanted to get self-equipped for their self-defence. No country as such wanted to go for a destruction. But when the enemy country is trying to provoke the other country also may have to act accordingly. To keep our abilities strong and to face the enemy bravely, every country is spending a lot of money in acquiring the arms and ammunition. India's highest expenditure is in defence sector only. Likewise, every country wants to the on their own and they are not interested in the rule of some other country. So each and every one wanted to be ready for facing any undesired situation. The UN is trying to bring in peace in the world and trying to prevail upon all the countries on the importance of peace and the ill effects of war. These days really no country is ready to start a war. But every country wants to have their ammunition ready in case an emergency arrives. Let us hope the big people of various countries will understand the importance of peace and try to maintain no war situation.
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    The arms race leads us to destruction. I do not think it is far off. Recently we have seen leaders of two countries boasting about their atomic power. One says the button for nuclear weapons is on his table and the other one says that he has a much bigger and powerful button on his table. This is the sort of leaders some countries have.
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    We have to practice peace but also be prepared for war. One just has to look at the trouble we have across the borders. despite having one of the best defense forces in the world. Imagine if we did not have such advanced arms and army, we would be treated much worse by our neighbors.
    Similarly, any country has to have defense capabilities to defend itself when provoked by other countries. Unfortunately, here one cannot preach peace and stay out of the arms race as this would risk unwanted attention. In this situation, some leaders like to show off their might or destructive power to the world. Such power should have a chain of command including the UN, so that one man or country cannot misuse it.

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    Arms and ammunition will be used by all the countries whenever there will be a war. Only thing is if these arsenals are at the disposal of a maniac or mad person, he can misuse them and innocent citizens will be killed without no fault.

    The pace with which these dangerous arms are increasingly accumulated by some countries is a matter of great concern for all. It is a question of survival of human race for which we must at any cost get rid of these arsenals from the earth.

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    I always say: "If you want to live in peace, prepare for war.'' In case of India, the country is always required to fight two types of enemies, viz., external enemies and internal enemies. There is perhaps no other country in the world where so many citizens of the country actively take part in disintegration of the nation. Time has come for the Indian state to declare open war against those people who want disintegration of the country. These people are helping our external enemies in every way.
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    To fight wars with the enemy, the country has to remain prepared; every time, everywhere. So, taking part in the arms race is inevitable for India.

    There is no place of the principle of non-violence in this imperfect world.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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