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    How many glass of water required to drink a day?

    We humans cannot live without drinking water for a longtime. We have to drink minimum 8 glass of water a day but what if I drink 4 glass of water at a time. Is there something wrong if we drink 4 to 5 glass of water at a time. Why everyone suggests to drink water which is stored in a copper? Why we suffered from health problems like fever, cold when our regular water is changed? I'm from rajasthan state but for the last 7 months i'm living in Ahmedabad at PG(pan guest) for further studies. When I came and start living at a pg I got suffered from fever and its all because of changing a water. At my home water is stored in a copper and in a crock. There is a RO water at PG. Is RO water is good for our health? I see my roommates drinking a water immediately after waking up in the morning. Should we drink water after waking up in the morning? Should we drink hot water?
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    When we change our staying place, surely we are confronted with the water problems. That means our body wont accept the new water that is being supplied for drinking. And thus we are affected by viral fever, stomach upset and acidity like feelings. When you go other places, better to have purified mineral water available in cans. But due to cheap availability of canned water, we accept any can has good water and thus invite water borne disease. And our body needs the presence of water always and thus drinking more water often preferred and regarding your case, please consult the doctor for any special attention to your health.
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    Water requirement for a human body varies based on various factors like age, body weight and climatic conditions.Generally, a health woman requires about 2.7 litres of water per a day and a man requires around 3.7 litres per day. But this requirement will change based on so many factors. The water is considered to be a universal solvent. Many organic and inorganic substances dissolve in water. The water quality differs from place to place depending on the nature of the soil and the salts that are predominantly available in the earth in those places. The human being consumes a lot of water that means the salts and other chemicals which are dissolved in water will find a way to more body. So the water quality will have a lot of say on our health. Another variation is the bacterial actions will vary from place to place based on the environmental conditions. So our body will have a problem if there is a change in the quality of water which varies from place to place. So we should go for boiled mineral water to maintain good health.
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    Water is the most essential element in daily life .Another name of water is called "life" which is familiar to us since our childhood. In an average everyone should drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day. Water is the best lubricant for a human body . In the early morning after waking up ,drinking a glass of water in an empty stomach cleans away the acids and poisons from our body . Because after dinner the body remains at rest throughout night which accumulate acids in our stomach. Throughout the day time drinking water helps in digesting food that we eat. Water cleans the stomach which prevents various types of diseases . So one should drink plenty of water to stay healthy and wealthy.

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    Warm water is good in the mornings when we wake up and when a headache is just beginning to start. Water 2-3 liters is good in a day provided the kidneys are normal. RO water is good but we need to remember that it is depleted of calcium and magnesium.Water simply is a cheapest great flush therapy for many ailments related to the bloodstream and the digestive system.

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    Water drinking is a must for a healthy life. It is generally believed that drinking water before food can reduce intake quantity of food. However it true to a certain extent. However a small quantity of water intake before food is welcomed.
    In the body of a person 60 percent is water. It is advised that two litres of water is to be taken in daily. Drinking water half an hour before food can help reduce taking more calories. Constipation can be reduced by taking more water. Similarly it will decrease the risk of kidney stone.
    It is advised to take a glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning. Now we have the habit of taking a bed coffee or bed tea as soon as we get up, or even before getting up, lying in the bed. It may be replaced with water and if necessary can take coffee or tea later.


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    3 litres of water is required to run the human body everyday. These litres can be taken in any way we please. Ideally, at dawn more water and after dusk the least amount of water must be ingested.
    But as the heat of body increases, you start craving for water. Make sure you're hydrated always.
    Try not to drink RO water much. Even essential minerals are removed away in a process like RO. On other hand water stored in copper cups are very good for health.

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