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    Do you believe that there is something described as 'Atma'?

    Initially, humans used to live like other animals.
    They used to get born, live and finally die.
    The scenario got changed only after development of their intellectual faculty.
    They started thinking and attempting to find solutions of inexplicable issues like life and death etc.
    The concept of 'Atma' etc. was evolved by any such intellectual and many started believing in the same.
    Thus, apparently only the intellect is the culprit.
    Do you believe that there is something described as 'Atma'?
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    Atma is the inner search engine of any person. It would guide him to do good things, it would also induce into to attempt bad things.. Based on the wisdom and knowledge acquired a person starts behaving consulting. And Atma is the last thing which would depart from the body and even though it is out of body, it roams over the places either too visited and liked by the person and thus elders used to satisfy such souls with what ever he was wanting to have and possess. That means even though a person dies, his wishes and unfinished agenda would remain and he keeps on hover over the places.
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    Yes, I do believe the term ''Atma'' or soul. Every living being has a soul. Some can perceive it, some can't. Even only a living being with very high thinking capability can fully understand and explain the concept.
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    Yes. I believe in Atma. Every human being will have this Atma or soul. The bodies are different and the inner soul is the God. Every individual has GOD in him. Like we change the dress as and when required the soul will also change the body. It will leave the old body and enter into another new body. This is what we understand from the Gita which is told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna.
    When a man is created he doesn't know many things. Slowly as the human beings understood the nature and found many new facts about this world as well as the superpower which is controlling the entire Universe. So I say these are the facts which intellectuals are able to realise and made them popular among the people.

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    I refer to Pancha Tattva (the five elements), the Sanskrit term which are : Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth). And refer to: Mahabhuta. The Aatma or the Spirit is beyond the imagination in aspect o the above elements.

    The subject matter is the very basis which is unborn & never to die but still responsible for the life in any human being. This is the only said in the Hindu Religion but to not having any physical form this can't be proven.

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    Very thought provoking thread. It is true that with the development of intellectual faculties the humans started to think and ponder which lead to many theories, hypothesis and ideas.

    This is nothing but the outcome of analytical and conjectural thinking and how much true and authentic the ideas are anybody's guess.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I do believe in the presence of the Atma/Soul in humans although, we cannot prove it, we talk about the soul with a good and bad interpretation based on what the person has done.
    We generally refer it with reverence, based on what we are taught, the soul is something that has no shape or form and at death, the soul leaves the body.
    One of the flawed experiments attempting to weigh the human soul is that of Duncan MacDougall (1901-1907) who studied patients whose death was imminent, he reported that the soul weighed 21.3 grams.
    Any Dan Brown fan would remember the experiment (of weighing a sick person ) narrated in his book 'The Lost Symbol' wherein there is a measurable difference in weight before and after death.

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    yes, I believe in Aatma or so-called soul. No doubt that soul is present in our body. Every religion also believes in the presence of the soul.
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    It is believed that an Atma never perishes. It goes out of one body and reincarnates by entering in another body. If it is so then population of Atmas must also be increasing as the population of humans is increasing in leaps and bounds.
    However, on a serious note, it is a matter of individual belief. We should never attempt to impose our own belief on others.
    It is true that many things are not yet fully understood by humans primarily because of limitations of their sensory organs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For me soul means consciousness. If I'm not conscious I'm not living, right?
    So, form me soul is present as long as I'm alive.
    Constantly recording my surroundings and making me feel alive.
    After all consciousness is what differentiates life from death. You cannot understand consciousness. Infact scientists can't even define it. It is just there. To be experienced, not to be examined.

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