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    Let's discuss: What purpose does this visit serve?

    Yesterday India's Prime Minister visited Palestine. He is the first Prime Minister of India who visited this country(is it a country?). He paid respect to the leader of the PLO, Late Yasser Arafat. He was given a red-carpet welcome. It is understood that four-five MoUs have been signed between India and Palestine. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas conferred the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine on Mr. Modi after the conclusion of the bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

    But my question is: What purpose doe this official visit serve? How does it help India? Does it ensure Palestine's unstinted support for India against Pakistan? This is required to be discussed because, during past Indo-Pak conflicts, Palestine never supported India. Very recently, Palestinian Ambassador in Pakistan shared the podium with Pakistani terrorist Hafeez Syeed.

    Let us discuss the issues in a constructive manner.
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    Palestine never supported our country in Indo Pak conflicts. They are with Pakistan only. I feel to impress upon the Palestine governemnt about the problems that are being faced by India because of Pakistan and ask them not to extend support the enemy country, the PM might have planned the visit. If still, the country is not understanding us he may warn them also saying that they may have to face the consequences. But it is a good attempt to give importance to a small country and also choose to explain to them the problems is a good move. But how far the mission will be successful we have to wait and see.
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    Our PM Modi wants to have good relations with all countries irrespective of its alliance with other countries or our enemy country. There is nothing wrong to build a better understanding relations for the first time between the two countries.
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    The PMs visit to Palestine indicates that although we have good friendly ties with Israel, we treat Palestine also a friendly place. If I'm not wrong we also recognized the PLO. I personally don't think there is much to gain.

    Palestine would be pro Pakistan and anti-Israel because, for them, the Palestine issue for a separate state (from Israel) is somewhat similar to the Kashmir issued backed by Pakistan for a separate state (from India).

    The beneficiary here would be Israel with all the good military purchase deals from India. As we focus on stronger Indo-Israeli ties, the problem for us would be how to condemn the Israeli use of extreme force with civilian casualties

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    Mr. Natarajan has analyzed the issue quite rationally. However, I differ in respect of the following sentence:- '' to condemn the Israeli use of extreme force with civilian casualties''. When Hamas has been regularly firing rockets on Israeli positions from the civilian areas, the retaliation from Israel would naturally be in those places. Isn't Hamas using the civilian population as a shield and then beating Israel with the same stick?
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    Mr.Partha, thanks for reading my post. I'm glad that you caught on the dilemma. There are somethings that are below our dignity to do, for example a psychopath may kill just for fun or a terrorist may use women and children as a shield or even as suicide bombers but we normal responsible people cannot stoop down to that level.

    Israel is country like us, Hamas is a multi-dimensional entity, among which fanaticism backed by terrorism is agreeable for it. The atrocities carried out by it has different implications on how to world sees it than the same carried out by Israel. These sad attacks should not be carried out by either side but it would be more sadder if Israel carries it out and we (India) should be able to voice against it.

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