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    Are you interested in eating gold.

    Gold is the costliest material only after platinum. The women wear gold ornaments to show their richness. The more the gold you wear, the richer you are. In marriage functions and other functions, we see ladies with more golden ornaments. There is a practice of adding the gold powder in ayurvedic formulations to resist various bacteria. The rich people recently started eating gold along with the food. In Mangalore, in a sweet shop, the shopkeeper is selling golden sweets. He is attaching gold sheets of small sizes to these sweets. The cost of one Kg of sweet is around Rs.6000. The cost is high as he is using 23.5 carats gold.Each sweet is costing around Rs.300/- or Rs.400/-.In Hyderabad, some restaurants are serving dosa with gold coating. In olden days people used to eat in silver plates for eating with a small flower in the centre. Silver will get digested while gold will be coming out as it is after 24 hours. The rich people may serve gold in food during the marriage functions in their houses shortly.
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    Normally we have seen silver sheets or aluminium foils around the sweets to keep it away from the germs and insects and now we are hearing even Gold are available to eat. Such is the passion which is not affordable by the poor. By the way the gold is the thing to wear and adorned by others and not the thing to be eaten away and wasted. Why gold is given to the bride and bridegroom because during crisis they can use those jewels and ornaments and thus mitigate their immediate problems. But what is the use of eating away such gold which is of no use to us nor others ?
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    Recently had seen a what's app video about gold icecream for around Rs 1000/- which has real gold flakes. These edible metal sheets are very fine and so thin that they are placed between sheets of tracing paper for ease of use.
    In India, it is very common to have sweets covered with these sheets. It looks good on a display case but we cannot remove the fine foil applied on the sweets.
    Usually, when you go to buy sweets, you can ask them to give the ones without the foils, few types of sweets will have pieces without the silver cover.
    I don't see any extra benefit in buying these sweets covered with silver or gold, it's just a waste of money.

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