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    Kamala Hassan wont work with Rajnikanth in politics.

    When Rajnikanth announced few days back that he is going to start a party and soon everything would be finalised. That news made every other actor who wants to start their political career to say something. Addressing at the Harvard University, Kamala Hassan categorically said that he cannot work with Rajnikanth in Politics over various different ideologies. So the matter is more clear now. TN is going have more parties before the next election. Beside AIADMK DMK, the main contenders would be Kamala Hassan party and Rajnikanth party beside BJP and others.
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    If Kamala Hassan and Rajinikanth starts two separate political parties, the DMK and AIDMK may lose their importance and the two new parties will come into limelight. Mainly Tamilians are hero worshipers same as that of Telugu people, they go for their favourite hero and forget about other parties. In DMK and AIDMK the present day actors are not there. So the swing will come on to these new parties. Then who will win and who will form the government depends on the heroes converting their fans as their vote bank. The other parties are already non-existent and they may not have any effect on the voters. If BJP or Congress try to get the support of one of the two parties and contest in a few seats they may win. But I doubt very much on this. They may go on their own. There is a rumour that Kamala Hassan may go with the communists but that may become a minus point to him as there is no much support to communist parties in Tamil Nadu. Presently the whole atmosphere is in the fluid stage. To make a correct assessment the dust has to settle and get a clarity.
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    What I think that Rajnikanth wants to sail with BJP and Kamala Hassan to have truck with Communists and thus their parties ways is right.
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    By nature the man kind is mean & by the time we entered into politics then this comes to the fact that we are & there is no doubt in that.

    Both the personalities being mentioned were the biggest actors of their time but now the only way they can survive the publicity is to enter into politics & they are doing needful on their end. Indian scenario is such that the more famous you are the more opportunity for you to be into news & like wise everyone intend to do the drama part by raising social issues & the contradictory remarks about the opposition. About their side I can't be very much assured of as they can change the party anytime. The way they started their remarks against a certain community isn't justified at all.

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    Both are stalwarts and I think both are keeping options open. It they join hands, it would mean making a most difficult choice, Who will be no:1? and who will be number:2?, if they are successful who will get the highest portfolio? Kamal Hassan obviously doesn't want any links to BJP.
    Both will start their parties and probably see how much of support they can get from the existing parties If they make any alliances. The DMK, AIDMK and BJP will keep a close watch on these two legends with a big fan base in Tamil Nadu. Once they have a rough estimate of their vote base, the parties might start taking sides.Whatever said and done, I still think both can make a big dent in the vote banks of the existing parties.

    The people who worship both Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth may not like an alliance between the two, so there are lot of factors, I think, closer to the elections, they would decide to form an alliance with an other party rather than between themselves.

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    Kamal Hassan has met Rajinikanth and the DMK supremo Mr.Karunanidhi on Sunday (18th Feb), ahead of the launch of his political career on Feb 21. Both Rajini and Kamal have insisted that it's a meeting of friends.

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