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    Courtesy costs nothing but wins everything

    What is your understanding of courteousness? Do you think extending courtesy to others has benefits?

    Courtesy is nothing but showing politeness in one's attitude and behavior towards others and also often referred to a good behavior. When we exchange our views in the Forum we need to show courtesy to each other ; not only in this website, but it will be useful in everywhere because it costs
    nothing and wins many hearts.

    Do you agree with this?
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    I always agree that we will be courteous to other human beings. You should be courteous to all. Some people they will never reciprocate the wish if his subordinates are wishing them. He may be a boss and another person may be his subordinate but once they are out of their workplace both of them are human beings. But this fact will be forgotten when we are in a powerful position.
    I was having a friend during my PhD. She helped during that time when I required some finances for my thesis work. Later she has completed her IAS and now she is a collector. I came to know that she was working in Telangana and with a gratitude, I just send an SMS message to her just reminding our old association. But the reply I got is "What is the matter". The reply I have sent is " Nothing specific. Just I want to say hello to you. Anyhow thanks for your message". This is the courtesy some big people show.

    always confident

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    It is always good to show courtesy to fellow human beings, we find this is often lacking and when you starting showing courtesy, some mistake it for meekness or consider us to be a pushover.

    One other issues is that fact that, many service sectors lack 'Professional Courtesy' in our country. People get paid to do their jobs, when it comes to discharging their duties towards their fellow clients in need, the same employees behave indifferently. I find this disturbing in some healthcare and some public sectors. For instance it is professional courtesy for a doctor or a lawyer to discharge duties without a fee or with a discounted fee, when the client is a fellow doctor or from the same profession. Once we bring in the culture of having professional courtesy, then we can imbibe the same in our social and public life too.

    It is not that only the educated or the elite class can show courtesy, anyone can show courtesy and it enhances our image and the interactive atmosphere a lot.

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    Being courteous is a great trait and a person who has it gets respect in society.

    In society, everyone is not courteous and if someone wants to inculcate this trait he has to be very patient, a good listener and to be overall cordial with everyone in his behaviour.

    It is easy to say that but difficult to practice and this is the reason why we see many uncourteous people around us in the workplace or society.

    Even in our family, this trait has a great role to play. A family will be relatively peaceful where members are courteous, cordial and having an understanding with each other.

    Knowledge is power.

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