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    Don’t look around for admirers!

    Every one of us has a weakness. We may work hard and struggle a lot to achieve the result. Our efforts sometimes may go unnoticed or someone else may get the undue credit. Sure, we may be disappointed. A word of appreciation will make a difference. It would encourage us but we should not always do something in anticipation.

    Get inspired from a little flower. It still blossoms for its purpose even it is alone, it won't look around for admirers!
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    Wonderfully said. Yes if we look for the recognition we will definitely lack the quality. A person must work for perfection rather than admiration. Success itself will get us admirers and it gives us an immense boost to work much harder. As you said, we must not look for admirers and take inspiration from the flower which will blossom even when it is alone.
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    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    it is true that sometimes we will expect some appreciation from others when we have done a good work. In this era, we expect credit also for the work done. Sometimes it happens for the work we have done the credit may go to somebody else. As a human being, we may feel a little upset.
    But these things are quite natural these days and we should not get stuck there. We should not stop performing because somebody else is getting the credit or nobody recognised your efforts. That will not lead us anywhere. We will also lose sharpness because of lack of activity. So we should always go on doing our works and should not wait for any recognition. The due will come to you in one way or other, if not today, it will come tomorrow. So let us be showing our zeal in performing and not wait for somebody to come and pat to you on your back.

    always confident

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    You explained the issue very well. Being a human being it is natural that we expect appreciation from others but sometimes our credit goes to other. Some people work hard and when they don't get appreciated they stop doing hard work. But one should understand that appreciation by others is not important. When God is happy with your hard work, he will appreciate you in many ways. So it's better to work as you do instead of waiting for others appreciation.

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    It is a natural tendency of a human to be noticed and appreciated. Everyone gets encouraged with a little word of appreciation. But sometimes, when things get unnoticed we will definitely be disappointed and that thought will keep haunting us. Sometimes we will even get discouraged and stop ourselves from doing anything in future fearing that there will not be any appreciation. So as author said, we should always do things for our satisfaction without anticipating anything from others.

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    I do agree that we should not expect the pat nor appreciation from others on all front. But sometimes a small pat or clap would bring greater energy within us to perform even more better and bring wonderful results than expected. By the way when our performance goes unnoticed, there are many reasons. That we have not performed to the understanding level of the others to admire us. Nor we have any element of applaud us in what we have achieved. Nevertheless a human being works very hard and he expects a little observation from others in close quarters and expects suggestions and critical appreciation of his work accomplished.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I beg to differ. Flowers and human beings are not same. Flower doesn't have a mind, a human being does have a mind. And the mind can do wonder. Little bit admiration from an admirer can vastly improve the quality and quantity because admiration rejuvenates the mind. The human resource management also firmly believes this.

    So, I can't support the argument offered by Mr. Patro.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I wanted to post the link of a thread, in which we all discussed the importance of appreciation on few days back.
    Appreciation -The most desired thing

    In my personal view, people may expect for the appreciation, after completing the task; but not before starting it. Because, their work and attitude towards their work may change, according to the person's wish, from whom they expect for recognition.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    A good thread that deals with real-life situations. At work or a hectic profession, we do our jobs with sincerity for the pay we get but a little extra in the way of appreciation will make us do more.

    It is human nature to be made to feel important or feel appreciated. At times, people know our contribution but they just don't exhibit it outside.

    Sometimes we just take people/things for granted or we ourselves end up being taken for granted by others. For instance, if the regular office boy is not coming, if grandparents are out of station then we realise their value, for instance, grandparents helping children to have their bath, pack the lunch or fill the water bottles, drop them to the school van all this are taken for granted when they are around and we tend to ignore it but appreciate their contribution when they are out of town.

    Yes, we don't need to look around for admirers, we just need to do our work and carry on, then certainly we would be remembered when we are not around.Absence felt is more valuable than presence ignored.

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    I am a biggest admirer of myself and I don't or never looked for it. I have achieved from nothing to something in my life. It totally personal and depend upon people. Whenever I need to motivate myself, I don't look on flower or another thing, I look my past where I have come up in such difficult situations. But when I feel I have been ignored no matter whether it is knowingly or unknowingly, I question it. Yes, sometime we get disappointed but keeping quiet is not something in my character. I do want to know why it has happen so that accordingly I can act or react on future.

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    I am not much bothered about bouquets and brickbats. As far as the world has different kind of people we will get both. The quantum only varies. I am a very realistic person. I do not get excited on unrealistic and disproportionate appreciation. I feel I can differentiate outright flattery and real realistic appreciation and acknowledgement. I also do not get disappointed by criticism.

    I am convinced and confident that if we really deserve, the appreciations definitely comes. Similarly only those who are our well wishers genuinely criticise us and evaluate us properly. Sometimes those who cannot bear our success deliberately criticise us just for the sake of it and may even spit venom. That is just to satisfy their own hurt ego. Generally do not get carried over by adulation or admiration, but accept sincere appreciation, and also do not get provoked by criticism too. We need both to keep us balanced always.

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    It is a human weakness that we like our admirers not knowing that they may be doing it only for their selfish motives.

    It is really a great thing if we can just do our work and forget the returns or praises for it. In reality, we are happy with small praises bestowed upon us by others.

    There are very smart and timid people who simply praise others and get their work done. We should be cautious of this category of admirers.

    Knowledge is power.

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